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Fogra‘s training courses

TrainingPlease note: The dated training courses are held in German.

English courses will be given on request – our multilingual experts would be happy to discuss this with you. Please contact Rainer Pietzsch (Tel. +49 89. 431 82 - 411) for a preliminary discussion.

Details of the contents of the courses are contained in the German language brochures, which you can download as a PDF from here:

Schulungsprogramm (Size: 1.54 MB; Downloads: 2216)



Training courses for PSO certification partners

In English language - More information in the FograCert section


Grundlagen der Drucktechnik
Basics of printing technology

In German language

Fehler an Druckerzeugnissen
Faults in printed products

In German language

Digitalisierung - verstehen, gestalten, begleiten, leben

In German language

Digitalisierung der Druckindustrie mit KI
Digitalisation of the printing industry with AI

In German language

Farbmanagement – Grundlagen
Colour management – Basics*

In English and German language - Detailed Programme (Size: 206 kB; Downloads: 5399)

Farbmanagement im Digitaldruck
Colour management in digital printing*

In English and German language

Farbmanagement für Experten
Colour management for experts*

In English and German language - Detailed programme (Size: 206 kB; Downloads: 5180)

Farbmanagement für den Multicolor-Druck
Colour management for multicolor printing*

In English and German language

Farbmanagement für Druckeinkäufer
Colour management for print buyers*

In English and German language - Detailed programme (Size: 201 kB; Downloads: 4952)

NEW: PDF Master Class II - mit Gastreferent Stephan Jaeggi
PDF Master Class II - with guest speaker Stephan Jaeggi

In German language

3D Colour-Management - Farbkontrolle in 3D-Scan und -Druck
3D colour management - Colour control in 3D scaning and printing

In English and German language

Prozesskontrolle in der CtP-Produktion
Prozess control in CTP production

In English and German language

Grundlagen des Offsetdrucks
Basics of offset printing

In German language

Farbe im Druck messen und bewerten
Colours and inks measured and evaluated

In German language

Einsatz der Fogra-Feuchtungskontroll-Testform
Fogra Dampening Control Testforme

In English and German language

Prozesskontrolle im Offsetdruck
Process control in offset printing*

In English and German language

Vorbereitung zur Zertifizierung nach PSO (ISO 12647)
Preparation for ProcessStandard Offset (PSO, ISO 12647) certification*

In English and German language

Vorbereitung zur Zertifizierung nach ProzessStandard Digitaldruck (PSD)
Preparation for ProzessStandard Digital (PSD) certification*

In English and German language

Druckweiterverarbeitung: Grundlagen kompakt & Fehler
Print finishing: Basics compact & faults

In German language


* We also offer this training courses on-site at your enterprise. Discuss with us a tailored concept and we name you the costs for the training!