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Title: Performance of Remoistening Systems in Heat-set Web Production, 2000

Title: Are Low Cost Colour Printers and Softproofing Suitable Replacements for Off-Press Proofs?, 2000

Title: Heavily Inked ID Cards Have Commercial Appeal but are Technically Demanding, 2000

Title: Quality Aspects with Digital Printing and ID Cards, 2000

Title: Visual and Colorimetric Assessment of Metallic Effects in Printing, 2000

Title: Printing on Demand with Computer-to-Press Technology, 2000

Title: Contract proof or not?, 2001

Title: Efficient Use of Control Tools in Digital Production, 2001

Title: How much resolution?, 2002

Title: Investigation into the loss of residual toluene in gravure print products after heating with microwave radiation, 2002