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Fogra and VDMB put electric charging stations from Heidelberg into operation

Press releases 04/29/2021

Forschungsinstitut für Medientechnologien and Verband Druck und Medien Bayern respond to changing mobility needs

Electromobility is in the fast lane. More and more car buyers are opting for a purely electric vehicle or a hybrid drive. According to a study by TÜV, one in three car owners can imagine switching to an electric vehicle in the next eight years. However, the rather limited charging infrastructure is still proving to be a bottleneck for future electromobility.

The Research Institute for Media Technologies (Forschungsinstitut für Medientechnologien, Fogra) and the Bavarian Printing and Media Association (Verband Druck und Medien Bayern, VDMB) are responding to this development by providing their own charging infrastructure at their joint site in Munich-Aschheim. This can be used by visitors to both organizations and participants in seminars and events. “In this way, we are responding to changing mobility needs and ensuring greater sustainability at our joint location. While we receive guests or they attend events at our premises, their electric cars can recharge batteries at the charging stations,” explains Dr Eduard Neufeld, Fogra Institute Director.

Heidelberg provides technology

“To get more electric cars on the road, the charging infrastructure must be further expanded. In this regard, we want to play our part. We are delighted to have the support of our long-standing industry partner Heidelberg in this endeavor,” adds Holger Busch, Managing Director of the VDMB. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG provided the technology for the charging infrastructure. The so-called wallboxes are intelligent high-performance charging systems for electric cars that charge the batteries of hybrid and electric vehicles quickly and reliably. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is already one of the most successful suppliers of wallboxes on the German market.

Holger Busch (left) and Dr Eduard Neufeld put the new charging stations from Heidelberg into operation. These are also available to visitors in Aschheim near Munich (Photo: Verena Rembeck, VDMB)