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Press releases 12/01/2021

Fogra joins forces from science and practice to master colour communication with OBA-rich substrates.

As part of an ongoing Fogra research project (no. 13.006) with the objective to improve textile colour communication, colour management experts Joe Tschudi (Tschudi Software Technology), Dietmar Fuchs (ColorLogic), Dr Andreas Kraushaar (Fogra) and Claas Bickeböller (Konica Minolta Sensing Europe) met at Fogra to test and visually validate perceptually consistent rendering and to investigate different colour matching strategies.

With the aim of achieving the best possible visual match between a print on an optical brightener-free and an optical brightener-containing material, ten different profile variants were generated and visually scrutinised under typical D50 viewing cabinets (M1). The results show that the colorimetry works well but the colour matching between media with different amounts of optical brighteners needs appropriate perceptually adapted conversion methods.

Find out more about the promising methods investigated:

Fogra Extra 42

Visual appraisal with colour management experts from left to right Joe Tschudi (Tschudi Software Technology), Dietmar Fuchs (ColorLogic), Andreas Kraushaar (Fogra) and Class Bickeböller (Konica Minolta Sensing Europe) in the Fogra laboratory.