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Researching Materials & Environment

The research area covers the properties of individual materials (e.g. printing inks, substrates) and their behaviour in the printing process (e.g. curing, change of properties due to the printing process) as well as the interaction of individual components (e.g. adhesion, emulsion formation). Furthermore, environmental compatibility and energy optimisation are important topics.

Focus areas

Deinakbility of mineral oil free Coldset inks

Mineral oil

Since the publication of the suspected mineral oil contamination of chocolate from Advent calendars 2012 in Germany, the topic has become a focal point in the german printing industry and thus also in Fogra's research activities. UBA report (German version with English summary) available free of charge.

Fogra employee approves fountain concentrates


As a result of its many years of activities in the field of the certification of fountain concentrates, Fogra has built up considerable expertise in the area of corrosion and has repeatedly dealt with this topic in research projects.

UV curing

UV printing

Fogra has been accompanying the development of radiation-curing printing inks for a very long time with a large number of research projects and invites the industry to the established Forum UV printing (“Anwenderforum UV-Druck”) every two years to discuss the latest trends and findings.

Reseach projects for Materials & Environment

Monitoring and decontamination of fountain solution circuits

Materials & Environment   03/27/2024

Process developent for monitoring and minimising microbial contamination in the fountain solution cycle on the basis of AIE active photosensitisers.

Green objects in test tubes

Printing standard for seven-colour offset packaging printing

Offset printing   11/30/2023

The aim is to characterise OGV printing inks, folding boxboard and label papers on the market using laboratory techniques.

Chart 7C colour space

Increased economic efficiency and sustainability of print production with heatset offset presses through independence from natural gas

Offset printing   01/01/2023

The research project is intended to help make print production with heatset offset presses more economical and sustainable.

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Mackle and CO2 savings through paper-dependent pre-adjustment of sheet-fed offset presses

Offset printing   08/31/2022

The aim is to establish a new paper characteristic value that allows to predict the expected solid tone densities and tone value increases.

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Visual and metrological characterization of metallic effects to increase process reliability in packaging printing

Prepress technology   06/01/2022

The aim is to clarify which properties in human perception are responsible for the expression of the metallic effect.

example product packages

Material compatibility and deinking of mineral oil free Coldset inks

Offset printing   03/01/2021

The aim is to improve the deinkability of mineral oil-free newspaper inks and to establish a new reference set for the swelling behavior.

mof calender

On-demand inactivation

Materials & Environment   02/01/2021

An antimicrobial hydrogel is to be developed.

Fogra 3D printer

Communication of characteristic values describing the metallic appearance of prints

Offset printing   10/31/2020

Objective parameters are to be established that correlate with the visual impression of printed metal surfaces.

Illustration of two gold effects

Laboratory method for the practical and reproducible determination of the residual strength of papers for heatset web offset printing

Offset printing   03/31/2020

Within the scope of the research project, an already existing laboratory method for testing the residual strength is to be further developed.

Laboratory method residual strength of paper


Technical Committee Materials & Environment (2/2023)

Materials & Environment   11/09/2023

The autumn meeting of the Technical Committee Material & Environment takes place on 09th November 2023.


Meeting project planning

Technical Committee Material & Environment (1/2023)

Materials & Environment   05/23/2023

The spring meeting of the Technical Committee Material & Environment takes place on 23th Mai 2023.


Meeting project planning

FograCert: Laser Codability

Materials & Environment   03/07/2022

Fogra strengthens its efforts in labelling and is FFPI-certified

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