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Marco Mattuschka


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Utilization of real load profiles for environmental measures in the printing industry

Period: 1.2.2014 unti 31.1.2015

Funding: Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology

Increasing prices for electrical energy and related tax rebates for certain energy efficiency measures the efficient usage of energy takes a central role when choosing environmental measures. Previous projects have shown that electricity loads of typical machines and components very with time and result in different energy requirements. Reliable (measured and protocoled) data regarding typical load profiles of print service providers are not available at the present time. Load management systems are already used in many industries. However due to the complex nature and the cost of the involved measures the small and medium enterprises of the printing industry make no or only little use of load management analysis.

In this project a detailed energy load analysis should be conducted for typical prepress (such as plate making) and press processes for small and medium print service providers. This data will be analysed and evaluated in order to mimic and improve cost structure for energy use. This will also help to optimize the energy efficiency as well as the profitability. Finally it contributes to reduce the environmental impact of the pertinent companies.

The research report is available in German language.