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FograCert Validation Printing System

Aiming for a Certified Validation Printing System?

ISO 12647-7 specifies criteria and tolerances for the certification of Contract Proofing Systems as well as for Contract Proof Creation in the field. Immediately after this standard has been published it is subject to revision in the light of partially less stringent set of requirements for so-called „Validation Prints“ as well as a Validation Printing System. The certification tracks the changes from the first draft (ISO/NWIP 12647-8) to the current published ISO 12647-8 in order to allow for a consistent certification.

We check your printing system with respect to:

  • PDF/X conformance
    Ghent Output Suite 5.0 and informative evaluation of Altona Test Suite 2.0 Technical 2 [informative only]
  • Proofing substrate colour and gloss
  • Permanence and light fastness
  • Fading [drift]
  • Rub resistance [carbonating test, adhesion of varnish, break of the fold]
  • Colour accuracy based on the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge V3
  • Colour accuracy based on the ISO12642-2 test chart, the gamut and grey balance
  • Tone value reproduction limits/
  • Reproduction of vignettes
  • Image register and resolving power
  • Colorimetrical tone value reproduction
  • Homogeneity [extended scrutiny]
  • Consistency [short and long term repeatability] [informative only]
  • Margin information
  • Optional: Evaluation of print run variation via a FograCert Print Check

A combination means: Printing system + driving software + colour management software + substrate + simulated printing condition

The optional scrutiny of a print run is treated as one combination.

Duration of the tests:

  • 2 weeks preparation
  • 2 days at the vendors premise
  • written report after 3 weeks

Overview of criteria (Size: 2.89 MB; Downloads: 22191) (Size: 2.89 MB; Downloads: 22191)

FAQ (Size: 170 kB; Downloads: 10651) (Size: 170 kB; Downloads: 10651)


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When are two systems equal or similar respectively?

The question when two systems are similar is common. This is motivated by the wish to prevent unnecessary test. In principal two machines or combinations respectively are similar when the resulting image quality isn't influenced in a negative way. As this is hard to handle in practice the following questions will help. It is important to note that this is always an individual decision. If you can answer the following questions positively two systems are treated as similar and listed in the list of certified systems:

  • Are the same consumables used?
  • Is the same substrate transport used?
  • Is the same imaging unit used?
  • Is the drying or fixing unit the same?
  • Is the production speed smaller or equal compared to the tested system?