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FograCert Validation Print Creation

Validation Print according to ISO 12647-8 - colour accuracy also in your design process

Are you colours reliable already in the design process?

Show your customers that you don't guess on colour - get FograCert Validation Print Creation certified!

We test your prints according to ISO 12647-8:

Your print is tested and certified according to the following criteria:

  • Proofing substrate colour, gloss and fluorescence;
  • Colour accuracy of the Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3;
  • Colour accuracy, gamut and grey balance of the ISO 12642-2 test chart;
  • Uniformity (extended scrutiny);
  • Reproduction of vignettes;
  • Image register and resolving power;
  • Tonality;
  • Repeatability ("day-to-day" consistency); and
  • Margin information.

Important notice

It is now mandatory to send the completed order sheet digitally to the following email address:

Procedure and necessary submissions (downloads)

  • Print the Fogra-Cert ISO12647-8 Evaluation Test Form A.
  • Print the FograCert ISO12647-8 Evaluation Test Form B on the following day.
  • Additionally, print the three uniformity test forms, either on day 1 or day 2.
  • Make sure the Fogra Media Wedge V3, as well as the status line with all the relevant information is present on your prints before sending them to Fogra - otherwise the prints will not be granted the certification.
  • Download and fill out one ordersheet (Size: 2.02 MB; Downloads: 3789) (Size: 2.02 MB; Downloads: 3789)  for every combination, and send the pdf file via email. Please do not print the form and scan it again!
  • For the gloss measurements, an unprinted area of the substrate is required (min. width: 4cm).
  • Results within approx. 1 week.
  • Validity: 1 year

Available now: FOGRA51 & FOGRA52

As successors of FOGRA39 and FOGRA47, these two printing conditions were introduced in late 2015 in order to provide suitable reference printing conditions for papers with optical brighteners.

Get the characterization data (and Media Wedge V3 subsets) and the ECI-profiles.


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