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Graphic 3D-Print

Graphic 3D-Print
Fogra-No. 11.002
Project-leader: Dr. Philipp Tröster

Running from: 02.01.2016 - 01.31.2018

PA-Meeting 24th January 2018 in Munich [Agenda (Size: 93 kB; Previous downloads: 260; Latest download on the: 10.11.2018) ]

PA-Meeting 06.01.2017 in Darmstadt [Agenda (Size: 13.03 MB; Previous downloads: 1773; Latest download on the: 13.11.2018) ]

Colorchart for 3DP-printer-characterization [wrl (Size: 128 kB; Previous downloads: 434; Latest download on the: 12.11.2018) ]

Colorchart for 3DP-printer-characterization [zpr (Size: 183 kB; Previous downloads: 423; Latest download on the: 12.11.2018) ]


Aim of the project:

With this research project we aim to help small businesses to get a grip on the 3d-printing workflow. The project we are doing together with two more research-institutes, the IGD-Darmstadt (https://www.igd.fraunhofer.de/) and the ZBS Ilmenau (https://http://www.zbs-ilmenau.de). At the end we will publish a practical guideline, addressing the acquisition, testing and preparation of data, the printing process and the postprocess.