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One goal unites us: to pursue industry-related research with passion and commitment, whilst keeping our eyes firmly fixed on our members and customers. We work in a vital and fast-changing field that is the very opposite of boring – an invitation to all who are curious and inquisitive.

What motivates us

From our engineers, chemists, physicists and mathematicians to our computer boffins and administrators, we all share the ambition and conviction that as a non-for-profit association it is our duty to pursue research not for its own sake but for its practical application.

Fogra’s corporate culture reflects our values of scientific rigour, independence and trustworthiness. They define what it takes to work here, how we act and how we interact with members and customers from around the world.

What makes us special

Experience and knowledge

We are the perfect link between research and industry because each of Fogra's staff members became very proficient in the testing and certification services through their involvement in research, is a genuine expert in his or her field and has extensive experience of giving lectures or training courses.


It’s true what people say, we carry the research gene and we convey this passion to the outside world through talks given around the world, our work on committees and at training courses and events. Training the next generation lies close to our heart.

We are Fogra

A modern, international team

We are a lively mix of 50 young and experienced staff who speak almost 10 different mother tongues and who are drawn from all parts of the world. It is the exchanges between colleagues stimulated by our melting pot of cultures and specialisms that generate ideas, creativity, vitality and advances.


Our membership structure means that we are wedded to neutrality. Customers place absolute trust in us to deliver highly confidential expert opinions during disputes and also for security products. Our loyal members and customer base are the best evidence that our staff personify reliability and trustworthiness.


What we offer

We offer a dynamic and collegiate working environment in modern offices and outstandingly well-equipped laboratories, excellent social services and flexible working hours.

Your entry opportunities


Chemistry laboratory technicians

Physics laboratory technicians





Current vacancies

For the Security Applications department we are looking for a lab technician (m/f/d) with immediate effect:

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For the Security Applications department we are looking for an apprentice as a lab technician (m/f/d) with immediate effect:

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We are looking for a research assistant (m/f/d) for the Prepress Technology department with immediate effect:

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I am Fogra.

“For me it’s not a profession but a calling. I am an inveterate tinkerer, inquisitive and interested in everything. I’ve always wanted to know precisely how and why something works. As a 12-year old kid, for example, I fiddled with a colour organ and the result was an electric shock and a power cut for the whole street. But it’s just the same when you are doing research. You keep getting knocked back even as you make progress overall. 

I’ve spent over 30 years at Fogra. I identify with it so strongly that I think of myself as Fogra and the daily commute from my home in Augsburg is a pleasure.”


Arne Müller
Head of the Security Applications department