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Prepress Technology

Prepress specialists deal with current issues in the preparation of print and media data, including correct color management. Other areas such as digital transformation, artificial intelligence support and 3D printing are also covered.

Offset Printing

Topics relating to the flat printing process, whether sheetfed or web offset including heatset and coldset, are covered here. Material influences are taken into account as well as measures for process reliability.

Digital Printing

The TC Digital Printing (also known as the Digital Printing Working Group, DPWG) is made up of manufacturers and users with the aim of promoting standardization in digital printing and coordinating and conducting the necessary research.

Packaging & Print finishing

The wide range of finishing and binding of print products is illustrated here. In addition, the special topics of packaging are taken into account.

Material & Environment

It deals with all aspects of the consumables, auxiliaries and inks required for the printing process, taking into account environmental compatibility and sustainability.

Passport documents lined up in a stand

Security Applications

Future-oriented topics relating to the security of smart cards and documents - from counterfeit protection to artificial aging - will be discussed.