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We deal with forward-looking topics relating to the security of smart cards and documents – from counterfeit protection to artificial ageing. Product security does not only result from individual security elements or cryptologically secured processes, but also from their interaction.


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Security concepts for well thought-out, tamper-proof and durable products set the agenda for our research programme. ID documents as well as interconnected security applications will only be accepted if they are found to be secure and reliable. This requires to strike the correct balance between personal acceptability and the public concern about security.


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Development of standardized performance tests to optimize performance and interoperability in NFC technology

Security Applications   08/10/2021

New test cases will make it possible to verify the actual performance of NFC systems for the first time.

Graph standard strength

Predictability of the service life of smart cards through further improvement of a practical, cyclical fatigue analysis

Security Applications   10/01/2019

New test method with which the durability of cards can be quantified by measuring defined parameters.

testing device for security applications

Colour prognosis for transparent coated prints to establish a proof printing process

Security Applications   04/01/2019

A model is being designed that will allow the anticipation of colour changes in coatings.

security application ATUEV

Alternative test methods to rapid verification of the functionality of smart cards

Security Applications   03/31/2019

Comprehensive characterisation of chip cards with contactless function is also possible parallel to production?


Fogra prides itself on it's laboratories, which are crucial for being an independent service provider. We participate in standardisation committees and pay close attention to the practical importance of the test standards.

Not only do you as our customer benefit from the expertise of our laboratory team and the extensive equipment but also from our flexibility and reliability. We are able to perform customer-specific measurements and testing requirements within a short time and achieve this through high specialisation, competent employees and many years of experience.

Our innovative team deals with requests from all over the world and is willing to think outside the box – breaking new ground in more ways than one.

The fact that we are recognized as an accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 to perform more than 100 standardized test procedures and that we are granted a flexible scope of accreditation shows our competence as well as the success of our implemented quality management system.

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Our acrredited laboratory is all about measurement and testing – one of the important cornerstones of producing high-quality and secure products. As an innovative service provider we have an eye to the demands of the market as well as our customer's expectations. What motivates us the most is your satisfaction as our customer.


We are known for accredited quality management

We are living certified work. In order to maintain the high quality standard, many test, calibration and laboratory parameters must be observed and documented for third parties. We show you what it means to stand for accredited quality management!


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Head of Security Applications

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