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Seeing colours – understanding colours

We deal with the preparation of print and media data including correct colour management. Other areas such as digital transformation, using artificial intelligence or 3D printing are also covered.


Fogra core competence prepress technology

The research projects deal with all aspects of the media production workflow. Colour – i.e. colour management – is the most important factor in image acquisition, data preparation, visual appraisal and both soft and hard copy proofing.


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Prepress technology   08/24/2022

The goal is a 3D Softproof for an accurate simulation of volumetric light transport effects and geometric errors in 3D prints.

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Prepress technology   08/24/2022

The aim of this project is to develop a cross-process print quality assessment procedure (ISO score)

Visual and metrological characterization of metallic effects to increase process reliability in packaging printing

Prepress technology   06/01/2022

The aim is to clarify which properties in human perception are responsible for the expression of the metallic effect.


Prepress technology   10/31/2020

This project is dedicated to the implementation of a colour-accurate prediction of the final 3D printed object on the screen.

Improving textile colour communication

Prepress technology   06/01/2020

The TextileRGB research project aims to develop basic principles for the colour characterization of digitally printed textiles.


Prepress technology   03/31/2020

Improving the printability and legibility of 1D and 2D codes in inkjet printing.

Image Quality

Digitaldruck   10/01/2015

Basis for standardization of digital production printing using toner based and large format inkjet printers.


We evaluate any type of print artefacts or the coordination between prepress and press. This includes prints that are erroneously referred to as contract proofs, but which are not colour-binding and can therefore lead to serious approval problems.

We also thoroughly check raster images as well as complex PDF files. Complications and complaints are usually caused by print data that has not been prepared correctly.

Another focus is on expert opinions that help print buyers to objectively assess their CI colours and help the relevant print service providers to implement these specifications.

Especially in data preparation there is not always the standard solution. We advise you individually, if data and print do not want to match (again).



Druckproof mit Farbmessgerät

Prerequisites for professional colour communication are perfect print data, colour-accurate proof prints and correct matching conditions. Do not leave it to chance, but rely on the FograCert test programme.


Dr Andreas Kraushaar

Head of Prepress Technology

+49 89 431 82 - 335

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News from Prepress

Technical committee Prepress technology

Medienvorstufe   03/12/2024

The next meeting of the TC Prepress technology will take place on 2024-03-12 in Hainburg at CGS (right before NDR 2/3/4 meeting)

Fogra innovation: First media wedge for textile printing

Medienvorstufe   09/29/2022

In August 2022, the research project on colour standardisation in digital textile printing was completed. Within this framework, not only a new Fogra…

MediaWedge for texitile

The Colour management industry meeting takes off

Medienvorstufe   07/20/2022

On July, 6th and 7th over 170 interested people met for the eighth edition of the industry's leading international colour event, the Fogra Colour…

Publikum des Fogra Colourmanagement Symposiums

Improving textile colour communication

Medienvorstufe   02/08/2022

Mimaki Deutschland GmbH lends Fogra textile printer TS300P-1800 as part of the "TextileRGB" research project

FOGRA59 in practice

Medienvorstufe   04/15/2021

First Fogra certification with the FOGRA59 exchange colour space according to ProcessStandard Digital.