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The Fogra Technical Committees

These are the heart of Fogra and it is on these committees that the scientific direction of the institute is formulated. They perform a creative and a supervisory function and, at the same time, help the institute to stay close to industry and embody the joint research approach.

Dialogue between creativity and oversight

The success of our activities is crucially dependent upon a careful selection of research topics. Advice regarding Fogra’s research programme is provided in the Technical Committees and the Executive Committee.

Following recommendations from the various committees, it is the Fogra Executive Committee that, in accordance with the statutes, determines the research programme and approves the projects for the following period.

research programme

Each of the 6 technical committees generally meets twice a year and brings together industry experts and Fogra scientists to offer current projects the benefits of industry experience and to discuss new research projects.

This hard-wired closeness to the industry also ensures that the results will be implemented.

Dr Eduard Neufeld

Institute & Managing Director

+49 89 431 82 - 112

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Technical Committee at Fogra


FograCert: Laser Codability

Materials & Environment   03/07/2022

Fogra strengthens its efforts in labelling and is FFPI-certified

DoD Inkjet

Technical Committee Material & Environment (1/2023)

Materials & Environment   05/23/2023

The spring meeting of the Technical Committee Material & Environment takes place on 23th Mai 2023.


Meeting project planning

Technical Committee Materials & Environment (2/2023)

Materials & Environment   11/09/2023

The autumn meeting of the Technical Committee Material & Environment takes place on 09th November 2023.


Meeting project planning

Technical Committee for Security Applications

Security applications   12/05/2023

The next meeting of the TC Security Applications will take place on 07 May 2024.

Technical Committee Packaging & Print Finishing

Packaging & Print finishing   12/06/2023

The next meeting of the TC Packaging & Print Finishing will take place on 19 November 2024.

Digital Printing Working Group

Digital printing   02/23/2024

The next meeting of the Digital Printing Working Group (DPWG) will take place on 2024-02-23 at Fogra. Directly after the CMS2024.

Technical Committee Offset Printing

Offset printing   11/19/2024

The next meeting of the TC Offset Printing will take place on 19 November 2024 together with the TC Packaging & Print Finishing.