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Researching Digital Printing

The research focus comes directly from the Technical Committee “Digital Printing” (better known as Digital Printing Working Group, DPWG). They include process-independent image quality, colour management for the entire digital printing sector, and important sustainability topics such as energy efficiency.

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Focus areas

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Colour in 3D: Fogra is researching into improving colour and geometric accuracy – from 3D scanning and 3D processing to graphic 3D printing.

Print quality & material appearance

Besides colour accuracy, there are other criteria that make a good picture. Fogra develops manufacturer-neutral and ISO-standardised procedures for evaluating the relevant image quality attributes.

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Colour management

As the initiator of ICC colour management in 1993, Fogra continues to bridge the gap between colour science and practical application. The highlight is the biennial international leading event – the Colour Management Symposium.

Research projects in Digital Printing


Prepress technology   08/24/2022

The aim of this project is to develop a cross-process print quality assessment procedure (ISO score)

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Modelling of colour rendering properties for highspeed inkjet printing and establishment of suitable paper characteristics

Digital printing   05/31/2021

The aim is to determine the factors influencing solid tone colouring and tone value increases in highspeed inkjet printing on the paper side.

Edge angle injection


Prepress technology   10/31/2020

This project is dedicated to the implementation of a colour-accurate prediction of the final 3D printed object on the screen.

Fogra Softproof startpicture

Improving textile colour communication

Prepress technology   06/01/2020

The TextileRGB research project aims to develop basic principles for the colour characterization of digitally printed textiles.

Visual appraisal of textiles_4_3


Prepress technology   03/31/2020

Improving the printability and legibility of 1D and 2D codes in inkjet printing.

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Integration of the highspeed inkjet into conventional offset production environments

Offset printing   10/31/2019

Typical offset print products are to be identified and provided with quality requirements that are customary in practice.

Hsi measuring test form

Image Quality

Digitaldruck   10/01/2015

Basis for standardization of digital production printing using toner based and large format inkjet printers.

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Digital Printing Working Group

Digital printing   02/23/2024

The next meeting of the Digital Printing Working Group (DPWG) will take place on 2024-02-23 at Fogra. Directly after the CMS2024.

Dr Andreas Kraushaar

Head of Prepress Technology

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