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Researching Prepress technology

The research projects deal with all aspects of the media production workflow. Colour – i.e. colour management – is the most important factor in image acquisition, data preparation, visual appraisal and both soft and hard copy proofing.

Focus areas

Cycle colour workflow

Workflow and PDF/X

Standardised, i.e. predictable workflows are at the heart of current media and publishing production. Fogra is working on practical recommendations for setting up and testing modern, PDF based workflows.

Colour difference evaluation

Colour difference evaluation

“Where you can measure, there is no need to dispute.” Fogra has long been researching the objective evaluation of the distance between two or more images. This includes the most diverse applications such as proofing (side-by-side), the evaluation of only one sample (media-relative appraisal) or the checking of the consistency of several reproductions with respect to each other (consistent colour appearance).

Example viewing conditions

Visual appraisal and Proofing

“Colours are actions of light” said Goethe – and he was right. The influence of light on any print sample covers both colour appearance and light fastness. Current and future research projects take into account the holistic evaluation of colour appearance and examine the influence of the relevant influencing parameters. This applies to prints, screen displays or AR/VR applications.

Research Projects in Prepress technology


Prepress technology   03/25/2024

This project investigates the impact of the introduction of UV-free LED technology on sampling.

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Prepress technology   08/24/2022

The goal is a 3D Softproof for an accurate simulation of volumetric light transport effects and geometric errors in 3D prints.

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Prepress technology   08/24/2022

The aim of this project is to develop a cross-process print quality assessment procedure (ISO score)

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Visual and metrological characterization of metallic effects to increase process reliability in packaging printing

Prepress technology   06/01/2022

The aim is to clarify which properties in human perception are responsible for the expression of the metallic effect.

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Prepress technology   10/31/2020

This project is dedicated to the implementation of a colour-accurate prediction of the final 3D printed object on the screen.

Fogra Softproof startpicture

Improving textile colour communication

Prepress technology   06/01/2020

The TextileRGB research project aims to develop basic principles for the colour characterization of digitally printed textiles.

Visual appraisal of textiles_4_3


Prepress technology   03/31/2020

Improving the printability and legibility of 1D and 2D codes in inkjet printing.

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Image Quality

Digitaldruck   10/01/2015

Basis for standardization of digital production printing using toner based and large format inkjet printers.

digital printing IQ test form


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