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Fogra’s mission statement

We conduct scientific research in the field of printing and media technology and present the results in a form industry can use.

We stay true to our values in everything we do:

We are scientifically rigorous, independent and trustworthy.

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Our identity

We are a not-for-profit organization that is not in competition with the members of the printing and media industry. Our international membership is made up of small, medium-sized and large companies from across the entire spectrum of the industry, from producers of printed and electronic media to equipment manufacturers.

We conduct research with impact and we search for solutions for industry. In many cases we have been involved in the development of many forward-looking and globally acknowledged process and quality inspection standards.

Our capital consists of a massive and constantly expanding body of knowledge combined with a high degree of technological expertise and a detailed understanding of current developments.

We offer media companies an expert network and support them in making their adjustments to structural change. In doing so we want to stimulate the opening up of new areas of business and to ensure that the industry is properly configured for the future. 

Monika Lohmaier

Head of Marketing & Communications

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We are Fogra

What makes us unique


Fogra is the only not-for-profit, globally recognized research institute covering the full range from prepress to print finishing and from materials & environment to security applications.

Research with impact

We are the perfect link between research and industry because each of Fogra's staff members became very proficient in the testing and certification services through their involvement in research.

Accredited quality management

Fogra has the world’s only testing laboratory that is accredited for all identity card tests.

Neutral referee

Fogra’s neutrality and independence mean that it is able to deploy its objective measurement technology to resolve disputes.

State of the art

Fogra’s laboratory facilities are state of the art.


For us, gender equality is a lived practice. Read more about this in our Gender Equality Plan.