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Tomorrow's printing world

Smart technologies and new digital printing systems for industrial production open up completely different opportunities for companies in the print media sector.


The research focus comes directly from the Technical Committee “Digital Printing” (better known as Digital Printing Working Group, DPWG). They include process-independent image quality, colour management for the entire digital printing sector, and important sustainability topics such as energy efficiency.


Improving textile colour communication

Prepress technology   06/01/2020

The TextileRGB research project aims to develop basic principles for the colour characterization of digitally printed textiles.


Prepress technology   03/31/2020

Improving the printability and legibility of 1D and 2D codes in inkjet printing

Integration of the highspeed inkjet into conventional offset production environments

Offset printing   10/31/2019

Typical offset print products are to be identified and provided with quality requirements that are customary in practice.

Modelling of colour rendering properties for highspeed inkjet printing and establishment of suitable paper characteristics

Digital printing   03/01/2019

The aim is to determine the factors influencing solid tone colouring and tone value increases in highspeed inkjet printing on the paper side.


The scope of testing covers all areas where no agreed ISO standard is available for evaluation and assessment.

Rather, the specific task depends on the individual examination of the respective facts. It forms the basis for the development of a specific evaluation regime, be it the development of an acceptance guideline for digital print production or the image quality evaluation of barcodes on glass.

In doing so, we combine our experience from the diverse research projects with the practical experience on site.

Especially in digital printing there is not always the standard solution. We advise you individually, in the evaluation of software or printing solutions.



We work on international standards and build our FograCert certification programme on them. The ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) has established itself internationally. It comprises recommendations, instructions for action as well as target values and tolerances for the digital print production customary in the industry.


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Head of Prepress Technology

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