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Prerequisites for professional colour communication are perfect print data, colour-accurate proof prints and correct matching conditions. Do not leave it to chance, but rely on the FograCert test programme.

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Fogra prepess certifications are based on globally established ISO standards. We often develop the basis of these standards ourselves through our work in research projects and expert opinions. Although this is a more time consuming and resource-intensive process compared to using self-estabhlished references, it places our work on a solid, internationally recognized foundation from which our members and customers benefit directly.


One good example is the contract proofing standard (ISO 12647), which has established itself worldwide as the tool for colour communication and has put an end to the diffuse situation with various manufacturer-specific processes and specifications. We offer two services: the qualification of a proofing system (Contract Proofing System) and the qualification for service providers (Contract Proof Creation). Furthermore, we certify your digital printing systems according to ISO 12647-8 (Valdition Print) or your soft proof system and proof paper – according to objective criteria and globally recognized standards that we helped to develop.

Dr Andreas Kraushaar

Head of Prepress Technology

+49 89 431 82 - 335

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Our certification programme FograCert

Our standardized FograCert testing programme for materials, products and production processes guarantees safety whilst processing the materials, disruption-free production and reliable manufacturing processes. A Fogra certificate confirms a service is fit for purpose. We can also certify staff expertise. 

Show your high quality standard with your individual FograCert logo and in our database which lists all persons, companies and products certified by Fogra with the relevant details and test conditions.

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International standardisation

Fogra is represented on various standardisation committees, where it actively protects and promotes its members' interests. In the International Standardization Organisation (ISO), for example, two Fogra employees lead Working Groups of the Technical Committee TC 130 Graphic Technology.

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