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Research – our core competences

In our research, we tackle the themes that are key to the future of print and media technology. Our research is publicly funded or requested by companies on a project-specific basis (contract research). We are in constant dialogue with companies to identify subjects for an investigation that are geared to their requirements. For us, delivering the results of our research in usable form is a given.

Our current research projects can be found in our current research programme. We are currently working on topics such as artificial intelligence in image quality, printing standards for seven-colour offset packaging printing, and lifespan simulation of smart cards. Here you can find information about all projects or our research reports.


100% research with impact

560 research projects since 1951

16 ongoing research projects

Research support

Our research projects receive public funding from the Federal government. The IGF programme provides the most significant portion as part of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action to support joint industrial research and development administered by the AIF. This body coordinates the work of research associations.

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