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The research section deals with topics of industrial bookbinding, print finishing and packaging production. A large number of bookbinding projects have resulted in limit values and tolerance specifications that have established themselves as technical guidelines or standards in the industry.


Binding capability of printing papers

Packaging & Print finishing   03/04/2021

Development of a method for evaluating the perfect binding capability of uncoated printing papers for high-speed inkjet printing.

Process parameters of film laminations

Packaging & Print finishing   03/04/2021

Material and process characteristics of film laminations to predict thermal and mechanical resistance.

print finishing_71.012_coating strength

Development of a method to evaluate the coating strength of printing papers for bookbinding

Packaging & Print finishing   03/01/2016

Two methods for evaluating the line break in the fold were developed: the inner fold test and the outer fold test.

print finishing_50.039 Characterisation metallic prints

Material, process, finishing and climatic influences on the appearance of metallic effects in printing

Packaging & Print finishing   02/28/2014

Metallic prints were characterised in different printing processes with different inks and on different substrates.

print finishing 70.004 pull test_2

Investigation of the influence parameters in the pull test within the context of the further development of an optimised and standardisable test method

Packaging & Print finishing   09/01/2010

The new “page-pull test”, resulting from the project, became an international standard (ISO 19594).


Fogra is internationally present and active in the standardisation committees. It is our concern that only that which is of practical relevance is standardised.

In addition, you as our members or customers benefit not only from the expertise of the Fogra team and the extensive laboratory equipment but also from our flexibility and reliability.

As an innovative team, we service enquiries from all over the world and are not afraid to break new ground, in other words: to think outside the box! The continuous effort to improve processes and quality at every step of the workflow is part of our philosophy.

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