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Resarching Security applications

Security concepts for well thought-out, tamper-proof and durable products set the agenda for our research programme. ID documents as well as interconnected security applications will only be accepted if they are found to be secure and reliable. This requires to strike the correct balance between personal acceptability and the public concern about security.

Focus areas

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Passport documents

We see a decisive factor for sustainable success in generating added value for the industry by our research. This can be, for example, higher durability of the end product, improved quality monitoring of a process or a cost-neutral increase in the quality of materials.


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Identification cards

Application-oriented or user-oriented research is of great importance to us, always taking our research responsibility towards the industry seriously. Our transparent communication promotes the applicability, transferability and importance of test results and focuses the attention on the users' interests and requirements.


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Security investigations

Research in the field of security are always application-oriented projects and without exception confidential.

Research projects for Security Applications

Method development for testing the effect of electrostatic discharges on smart cards with smart card user interfaces (SUIs)

Security Applications   04/23/2024

Existing models and test methods are being further developed and optimized to test the resistance of smart cards with SUIs to electrostatic discharge.

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Metrological analysis method for evaluating quality deviations in printed plastics

Security Applications   04/23/2024

A method is being developed which can be used for evaluating the color fastness in a reproducible and algorithm-based manner for the first time.

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Development of standardized performance tests to optimize performance and interoperability in NFC technology

Security Applications   08/10/2021

New test cases will make it possible to verify the actual performance of NFC systems for the first time.

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Predictability of the service life of smart cards through further improvement of a practical, cyclical fatigue analysis

Security Applications   10/01/2019

New test method with which the durability of cards can be quantified by measuring defined parameters.

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Colour prognosis for transparent coated prints to establish a proof printing process

Security Applications   04/01/2019

A model is being designed that will allow the anticipation of colour changes in coatings.


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Alternative test methods to rapid verification of the functionality of smart cards

Security Applications   03/31/2019

Comprehensive characterisation of chip cards with contactless function is also possible parallel to production?

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Technical Committee for Security Applications

Security applications   12/05/2023

The next meeting of the TC Security Applications will take place on 07 May 2024.

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Security Applications

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