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... according to established standards and design your own test regimes

Especially in digital printing there is not always the standard solution. We advise you individually, in the evaluation of software or printing solutions.

Testings in Digital printing

image quality: doubling

Image Quality

Digital printing in particular is not immune to new types of process-related artifacts. Our printing, colorimetric and image analysis tests enable us to make an assessment that is adapted to the task at hand. These include the M-Score, P-Score or L-Score parameters developed by Fogra and all image quality attributes of ISO 24790.

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The scope of testing covers all areas where no agreed ISO standard is available for evaluation and assessment.

Rather, the specific task depends on the individual examination of the respective facts. It forms the basis for the development of a specific evaluation regime, be it the development of an acceptance guideline for digital print production or the image quality evaluation of barcodes on glass.

In doing so, we combine our experience from the diverse research projects with the practical experience on site.

Dr Andreas Kraushaar

Head of Prepress Technology

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Do you need our help with an objective measurement, or would you like to get a sound and trustworthy advice on quality issues, or do you need an expert witness to assist you in the resolution of a dispute? Please contact me, without obligation, if you wish to receive more information on this.

Fogra - your trusted partner for testing

We see ourselves as a modern service provider that carries out inspections tailored to the industry’s needs, that advises companies on questions of quality and that mediates in technical disputes. The field of application ranges from customer specific requests to standardised laboratory measurements.

We provide watertight arguments, a competent assessment of all risks and opportunities based on our considerable experience and intensive research, precise measurements, and independent expert opinions for your business decisions.

Even when you are faced with the challenges that new materials and technologies present to you or when you are in need of detailed examinations we are able to help you with our technical expertise and state-of-the-art analytical technology.

Fogra will also be able to assist you as an independent expert if there are doubts about the technical or human causes of a complaint.  We have gained an international reputation as the first point of contact for disputes by several thousands of expert opinions.

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