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We deal with topics related to the offset printing process, whether sheet-fed or web offset, including heatset and coldset. Material influences are taken into account as well as measures for process reliability.


The research projects are directly related to printing practice. In most cases, a connection is established between the print quality, the process parameters and the materials used. The results also contribute to the further development of national and international standardisation.


Integration of the highspeed inkjet into conventional offset production environments

Offset printing   10/31/2019

Typical offset print products are to be identified and provided with quality requirements that are customary in practice.

Communication of metrological parameters to describe the metallic appearance of prints

Offset printing   11/01/2018

Objective parameters are to be established which correlate with the visual impression of printed metal surfaces.

Laboratory method for the practical and reproducible determination of the residual strength of papers for heatset web offset printing

Offset printing   04/01/2018

The research project will further develop an existing laboratory method for testing residual strength.

Modelling the printing behaviour in sheet-fed offset printing on the basis of measurable paper properties

Offset printing   04/01/2018

The aim is to determine the factors influencing solid tone colouring and tone value increases in sheet-fed offset on the paper side.

Reduction of "Picture Framing" in sheet-fed offset printing through targeted selection of material and application parameters

Offset printing   01/31/2018

The research project aims to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms by which “Picture Framing” occurs.


Our clients are print shops and print buyers as well as manufacturers of printing machines, inks and papers.

A typical concern is the assessment and troubleshooting of complaints regarding print quality or the used materials. However, there is also a frequent demand for investigations that are intended to serve the further development of products.

In order to assess how we can help our customers, we recommend to first send us some samples for a non-binding and rough examination.

Our core competence lies in the evaluation of print results and error analysis. This includes technical and colourimetric evaluations of printed copies. Furthermore, we offer testing accessories and material examinations which are directly related to the printing process.



The ProcessStandard Offset (PSO) and the ISO 12647 series of standards are considered to be indispensable tools for colour reliable print production. The use of printing inks in accordance with ISO 2846 is a prerequisite for achieving the target values specified therein. Fogra also certifies the consumables and additives required for the printing process, e.g. fountain concentrates and washing agents.


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Head of Printing Techniques

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