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Do you know the energy efficiency of your press?

The information on the required energy (kWh) of a digital printing press per square metre should not be missing from any data sheet! The efficient use of energy can be determined easily and transparently according to the ISO 20690 standard, which was developed on the basis of a Fogra research project.

Your benefit

Energy efficiency can increase the value of a press while lowering a printer's total cost of ownership. Of course, many factors have an impact on the energy balance of a printing system: the size and output format of a press, imaging technology, the need for (pre-)coating, ink types, number of colours, general system configuration as well as drying and curing technologies.

The ISO 20690 standard determines the average power consumption for typical operating states such as sleep, off and print-ready, as well as the necessary energy (kWh) for 1000 A4, letter or A3 prints. This applies to both small-format toner printing systems and large-format inkjet printers.

Print service providers benefit from:

  • Comparison of different printer systems

  • Identification of hidden consumers

  • Optimisation of process settings and production workflows

Press manufacturers benefit from:

  • Independently verified data sheet entry

  • Competitive advantages

  • Derivation of energy saving potentials for prototypes

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I would be pleased to consult you in all questions concerning the energy efficiency certification.

What you need to do

You would like to have the energy efficiency certified? We make it as easy as possible for you! Contact us without obligation to determine a suitable printing configuration.

We need from you

  • the completed form for the energy efficiency measurement

Our procedure

Determining the energy efficiency of your press or printer system is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Appointment: The measurement takes about a half day.

  2. Measurement & analysis: We carry out the measurement of energy efficiency in accordance with ISO 20690 at your premises, prepare the measurement results for you and write a detailed report in which we analyse and interpret the results.

  3. Certificate: The energy efficiency is certified by Fogra.

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Our offer

Certification of energy efficiency according to ISO 20690:

€ 1,225.00 (Fogra member) | € 1,750.00 (regular)

We would be pleased to provide you a non-binding offer for the energy efficiency certification:

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TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
DPWG Meeting Energy efficiency of digital printing technologies with focus on large format printing and small production printing 2014 15.06.2021 pdf 327 KB Download
ISO 20690 - DIN A3 Testfile ISO 20690 - DIN A3 Testfile 2016 25.05.2021 pdf 4 MB Download
ISO 20690 - DIN A4 Testfile ISO 20690 - DIN A4 Testfile 2016 25.05.2021 pdf 1 MB Download
ISO 20690 - LTR Testfile ISO 20690 - LTR Testfile 2016 25.05.2021 pdf 1 MB Download