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PSD Colour Data

This Fogra service enables print service providers to automate colour accuracy verification of a print job based on the established Fogra MediaWedge. The 100% digital workflow saves time, costs and manual steps. Show print buyers and brands a high quality of standard!

Certified print service providers

Your benefit

The FograCert PSD Colour Data helps you to meet or exceed the colour accuracy demands of global print buyers and leading brands in line with the tolerances specified in the ProcessStandard Digital (PSD).

  • Do not leave it to chance, but rely on the standardized FograCert: objective measurement technology to guarantee professional colour management and communication

  • Drive profitability and internal quality assurance through time and cost reduction due to a fully automated, digital workflow

  • Share results with print buyers and brands for consistency and quality

The certification comes with a certificate and a FograCert logo. Certification details are listed in our FograCert database.

  • Feedback of results within a short time: 2-4 working days

  • Validity of the certification: 6 months

  • Individual FograCert logo: Show your high quality standard!

Dr. Julie Klein

Prepress technology

+49 89 431 82 - 319


Your contact

You would like to have your print job certified according to PSD Colour Data or you have questions about the workflow? Just get in contact.

What you need to do

You would like to have your print job certified according to PSD Colour Data or renew an existing certification?

You need 

  • an inline measurement device qualified by Fogra

  • alternatively, an hand-held measurement device (calibrated and maintained according to manufacturer's specifications)

We need from you

  • the completed order sheet for each printing combination

  • your recorded measurement data (ISO 28178 or CGATS-Format)

  • the certificate of calibration or maintenance of the hand-held measurement device

Please send them to

More details

  1. Select one or more printing combination(s): printer, substrate, RIP, ...

  2. Print out and measure the Fogra MediaWedge. When inline measurements are once qualified by Fogra, these systems can validate the colour immediately.

  3. Save the measurement data as a text file including information on the date of the measurement, the model name and serial number of the measurement device and method (e.g. M0, M1, M2).

Would you like to have different versions certified? Please name the measurement files accordingly (_#1, _#2, ...).

print proof with colour measurement device

Our procedure

After receiving your measurement file, we will check and evaluate the data via our Matlab routine, which was specially developed for the PSD Colour Data certification. Within 2-4 working days, you will receive the result and information on the classification of the achieved quality level A, B or C (see PSD Handbook Chapter 6.5).

In case of a successful (re-)certification, we issue a certificate and list your company in our FograCert database.

PSD Colour Data evaluation

Our offer

FograCert PSD Colour Data, based on PSD

For one print combination:

€ 73.50 (Fogra member) | € 105.00 (regular)

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TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Order sheet PSD Colour Data Please fill out one order sheet per combination. 2023 12.05.2023 pdf 85 KB Download

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