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Validation Print Creation

Validation Printing System (VPS)

This certification is aimed at digital printing system providers and serves as proof of the conformity of their product with the criteria of ISO 12647-8.


Your benefit

The printing systems are thoroughly tested and certified on the basis of the extensive criteria of ISO 12647-8. The certification comes with a certificate and a FograCert logo in addition to the technical test report, which shows the product's conformity to ISO 12647-8. Certification details are listed in our FograCert database.

  • Feedback of the results within a short time: approx. 3 weeks

  • Once certified, always certified: The certification is valid as long as the system combination is available on the market.

  • Individual FograCert logo: Show your high quality standard!

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What you need to do

You would like to have your system certified according to VPS?

We need from you

  • Arrangement of an individual test date

  • Printed test forms (+ Fogra MediaWedge) according to ISO 12647-8 conformity

  • Application Data Sheet (ADS) 



criteria for VPS and VPC

Our procedure

Preparation phase: 

  • Agreement on the system combinations

  • Delivery of the digital test forms

Test phase:

  • approx. two-day audit on site, carried out by a Fogra employee

  • Evaluation of the results in the Fogra laboratory

In case of a successful certification we issue a certificate and list your system in our FograCert database.

Your printing system is examined against the following criteria:

  • PDF/X compliance: Ghent Output Suite 5.0 and informative evaluation of Altona Test Suite 2.0 Technical 2

  • Gloss, coloration and fluorescence of the substrate

  • Colour accuracy incl. colour gamut

  • Uniformity

  • Aging and light fastness

  • Colour drift (fading)

  • Short- and long-term repeatability

  • Mechanical stability (drying)

  • Colorimetric tonal value transfer

  • Tone value reproduction limits/ gradients

  • Image register and resolving power

  • Margin information

Remote certification

We also offer the VPS certification with online procedure while maintaining the quality standards and support you securely and flexibly through the entire certification process:

  • Setup of the communication platform

  • Process planning and creation of the test regime on individual basis

  • Live support during the test

  • Analysis of intermediate results in real time

  • Final evaluation of the sent print copies in the Fogra laboratory

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Logo Validation Printing System

VPS+ = VPS + PSD PrintCheck

The “VPS+” certification offers additional verification of run consistency with FograCert PSD PrintCheck:

PSD PrintCheck

The reference printing conditions? Unlimited!

The reference printing conditions are freely selectable by you!

For example, if you have a wide-gamut printing system and would like to prove its potential with VPS certification, the reference FOGRA53 (eciCMYK) is conceivable. An overview of all common reference printing conditions can be found here:


Fogra exchange colour space (FOGRA53)

When are two systems similar or comparable?

The question often arises as to when two systems are similar or comparable. The background to this is to avoid duplicate tests. In principle, two presses or combinations are the same if the changes have no negative effect on the resulting colour quality. Since this is formally very difficult to handle, the following questions should help to answer the question. It is important to note that this is always a case-by-case decision.

If the following questions can be answered with Yes, the systems are considered to be the same as such could be included in the list of certified printing systems and marked accordingly:

  • Are the same consumables being used?

  • Is the same substrate transport used?

  • Is the same imaging unit used?

  • Is the same drying or fixing mechanism used?

  • Is the production speed less than or equal to the press already tested?

Our offer

FograCert Validation Printing System according to ISO 12647-8:
€ 5,950.00 (Fogra member) | € 8,500.00 (regular)

I would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding offer for your VPS certification: