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Fogra is represented on various standardisation committees, where it actively protects and promotes its members' interests. TC 130 (Technical Committee – Graphic Technology) is the International Standardization Organisation (ISO) committee responsible for the print and media industry. International experts from prepress, printing, materials, print finishing and climate neutrality meet regularly. ISO News offers an up-to-date overview of all the relevant developments in the printing industry.

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ISO News 31 EN 24.11.2023 pdf 115 KB Download
ISO News 30 EN 07.07.2023 pdf 122 KB Download
ISO News 29 EN 20.02.2023 pdf 128 KB Download
ISO News 28 EN 15.01.2021 pdf 500 KB Download
ISO News 27 EN 19.06.2020 pdf 671 KB Download
ISO News 26 EN 12.12.2019 pdf 3 MB Download
ISO News 25 EN 05.07.2019 pdf 914 KB Download
ISO News 24 EN 11.01.2019 pdf 528 KB Download

Projects are under discussion or being voted on in the following Working Groups (WG):

  • WG 2: Prepress

  • WG 3: Process control

  • WG 4: Media and Materials

  • WG 11: Environmental aspects of graphic products

  • WG 12: Print finishing