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Softproof & Lighting

Here you will find the most important working tools and publications for improving colour-critical work on the monitor, including consideration of the correct lighting conditions.

Tools for assessing ambient lighting conditions

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
ISO 3664 conformance Excal spreadsheet that evalutes all parameters required in ISO 3664 with respect to colour Rendering. V2.0 05.02.2013 xls 542 KB Download
Illuminance calculation Excel spreadsheet to calculate the illuminance (lux) from the spectral irradiance V1.0 09.08.2017 xlsx 14 KB Download
ISO 3664 details for evaluation Argument why D50 is used as a fixed reference in ISO 3664. V1.0 01.01.2015 pdf 43 KB Download
How to measure light with i1 profiler This step by step documentation shows how to use an i1 Pro and i1 profiler software to measure and evaluate a practical light source according to ISO 3664 24.04.2021 pdf 1 MB Download
Fogra Method to compute UV-content Summary of Fogra research project 60.055 24.04.2021 pdf 6 MB Download

Test- and background images

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Fogra Monitor test images Collection of all current Fogra test and Background images 23.09.2020 zip 7 MB Download
Anleitung Fogra Testbilder Übersicht und Hilfestellung bei der Nutzung der Fogra Test- und Hintergrundbilder V1.0 23.09.2020 pdf 2 MB Download
Fogra Display Analyser (WIN) Software tool to read out the lookup tables for Highend softproofng monitors V4.0 23.09.2020 zip 19 MB Download
Fogra Display Analyser (MAC) Software tool to read out the lookup tables for Highend softproofng monitors V4.0 23.09.2020 zip 9 MB Download
Fogra Display Analyser Evaluation Excel spreadsheet to evaluate and compare the read out lookup tables 23.09.2020 xlsx 129 KB Download
Fogra Display Analyzer Video Explanation video on how to use the Fogra software 23.09.2020 youtube 11 B Download
Fogra desktop images Background images for different tonalities (Gamma 1.8, 2.2 or CIEL*) and resolutions. 18.09.2021 zip 4 MB Download

Research results

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Colour matching functions Set of over 70 colour matching functions derived from a recent Fogra Research Project. 19.05.2020 zip 626 KB Download
Fogra roses dataset The first three columns represent the CIELAB [D50/2°] values of the centre and the following three columns the CIELAB values of the neighborhood colour. The final 7th column represents the determined visual ("real") colour difference called "∆V". Those are the result of the paired comparison constant stimuli experiment and a threshold probability of p=0.75. 10.02.2021 xlsx 114 KB Download
Fogra RGB Reference Set This RGB-Testset is comprised of 5 different RGB layouts to characterize an RGB-based output system. A typical use case is to measure the response of a monitor. 29.09.2022 zip 243 KB Download


TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Fogra Softproof Handbook Collection of many practical tips and tricks for how to setup and maintain a colour accurate softproofing environment 23.09.2020 pdf 2 MB Download
Colour rendering evaluation of LEDs Modern metrics to quantify the colour rendering propertires of modern LED light sources 24.09.2020 pdf 2 MB Download
An observer-metamerism sensitivity index for electronic displays Since narrow-band light-emitting diodes lead to larger color gamuts, more and more monitors with very narrow band primaries are coming onto the market without manufacturers taking into account the associated problem of observer variations. Being able to measure these variations accurately and efficiently is therefore an important objective. In this paper, we propose a new approach to predict the extent of observer metamerism for a particular multiprimary display. Unlike existing dedicated models, ours does not depend on a reference illuminant and a set of reflectance spectra and is computationally more efficient 22.02.2021 pdf 437 KB Download
Evaluating LED luminaires supporting colour critical assessment 2017 paper presented at Color Imaging Conference, CIC 07.01.2022 pdf 11 MB Download
Fogra Roses - Developing a colour difference dataset for the graphic arts Presentation at CIC21 in Albuquerque, 2013 07.01.2022 pdf 2 MB Download