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Decoration Proofing Forum

Within the Colour Management Symposium

February 21-22, 2024


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First Decoration Proofing Forum (FDPF)

This event is not merely a forum for exhibition. Professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts converge to explore the vanguard of technology. They can disseminate experiential knowledge and engage in substantive discussions regarding the difficulties encountered in the domain of appearance capture and proofing.

The FDPF will illuminate the trajectory forward, celebrating achievements and delineating the path for the future of decorated surface representation. This comprehensive showcase of state-of-the-art technologies will define the current landscape of appearance capture and soft and hard proofing. Participating companies will have a platform for the discourse surrounding prevailing methodologies, optimal practices, and extant in this specialised domain.


Task for participation in the forum

Four decors that constitute different surface quality and topologies (such as embossing) have been selected. The participants scan and render the physical samples under a controlled 3D environment. Here, a Blender scene accurately describes a viewing both present at the Fogra lab. So forum partners can provide a defined rendering, which will be compared with a precise colour measurement taken with an LMK 6 camera from the Techno Team. After registration, both the reference capture and the rendering will be evaluated with the new SIM-PDE indexes defined by ISO 24585-2. This index is the first worldwide standardised metric that describes the visual similarity between the images – so not a colour difference but an image difference.

The forum partners can also use the captured (surface) data to create a physical reproduction, i.e. a 2.5 D proofing, also known as a surface proof. In this case, this reproduction will be measured, and the physical original and the reproduction will be compared by the measurement camera (and judged by the image quality metric).

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Head of Prepress Technology

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