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No Adobe support for type 1 fonts – what now?

What to do if Adobe stops supporting Type 1 fonts? What practical precautions can be taken, and what alternatives are there? What happens when the fonts are converted to TrueType3 formats? Can this lead to a problem with layout overflow? All these questions were discussed in the Fogra Colour Management Café.

Help: My font is no longer indicated

Despite their advanced age, PostScript Type 1 fonts are still used in most print products – often even as CI fonts. In January 2023, Adobe will end the support the font format from the 1980s. In the Colour Management Café, workflow experts report how big the problem is from their point of view and what you can do as a print service provider or as a creative data creator. 

Our experts

  • Dietrich von Seggern, CEO of callas, explains which preparations are possible and necessary.
  • Dirk Simanek from artoption dealt with the topic of Open Type.
  • Peter Kleinheider from calibrate reported on the influence of PDFs.

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