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PSO partner training

PSO Partner

In order to cope with the strong international demand for the certification according to PSO (ISO 12647), Fogra runs a partner programme in non German-speaking countries. It allows qualified specialists of the printing idustry to help print shops gaining the valuable certificate.

Certified partners

The partner concept

A print shop which wants to obtain PSO certification, can directly get in contact with our local partners. They help to prepare for the certification test and carry out the necessary assessments. After the test has been completed all relevant prints and documents are sent to Fogra.

The evaluation of the test prints is accomplished by Fogra. Fogra also launches the certificate for the print shop, if the measurements showed correct results.

Jürgen Gemeinhardt

Head of Printing Techniques

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Are you interested in becoming part of our international certification partner network? Then contact me for more details!

How to become PSO Partner

To become a PSO Partner, Fogra membership is a prerequisite. You need to attend a training course at Fogra or at your premises. After passing the subsequent examination, you will receive your two-year valid certificate.

Please note that employees of print shops cannot participate in the PSO partner programme.

The company Masar gets the certification for PSO partner
Fogra Professionals Training in China

PSO Professionals

In order to increase the reach of PSO in China and India, a professionals model has been established as supplement to the partner programme. PSO Professionals have demonstrated expertise in the field of offset printing, CTP and colour management. They are associated to a certain partner who acts as intermediate between the professional and Fogra.

There are in-house profesionals who work in print shops and external professionals. External professionals can offer the full range of PSO certification services, while in-house professionals mainly provide internal support.


For more information, please contact our Chinese partner APTEC.

Our offer

The next firmly planned PSO Partner training course will take place from 16 to 18 January 2024 at Fogra.


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