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Certification according to PSO (ISO 12647)

With a certification according to PSO (ISO 12647), printing companies ensure a smooth process internally. Externally, they demonstrate their ability to produce in accordance with the high quality requirements of the internationally recognized standard and to comply with the colour specifications of their customers.

Further details

The following modules are certified for full-service printers:

  • Qualified colour management

  • Proof creation

  • Platemaking

  • Print job make-ready/print run

If a print shop does not have its own prepress, the first two modules are not required.

The certification can be carried out for sheet-fed, heatset or coldset printing machines. A corresponding marking can be found in the certificate.

The certificate is valid for two years. After one year, a short intermediate test is carried out.

Your benefit

You will receive a certificate and a digital seal for advertising purposes. The latter can be printed on letterheads and business cards, placed on your website or used in your e-mail signature.

Furthermore, your company will be listed in the database of PSO-Insider. The database can be checked by quality conscious customers and agencies looking for suitable printers in their vicinity.

Jürgen Gemeinhardt

Head of Printing Techniques

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What you need to do

General examinations

Preflight check tools must be used to find errors in a PDF test file. Furthermore, an informative light check is performed.

Qualified colour management

The focus is on the correct handling of colour transformations with ICC profiles. In addition, tools for monitor profiling must be presented.

Proof creation

Digital proofs shall be produced to simulate various printing conditions and checked for colour accuracy.


It shall be demonstrated that appropriate control mechanisms are applied to ensure that the platemaking is consistent. Suitable correction tables must be stored in the CTP RIP in order to achieve the tone value increases required in print.

Print job make-ready/print run

An acceptance test form is printed on a selected printing machine. The printing substrate is chosen by the printer and must be assigned to the existing paper categories. A short production run is used to randomly evaluate the constancy of the print run.

Our procedure

A Fogra employee is on site for about one day to carry out the test programme. Using test forms and data sets, he follows the workflow from prepress to print. The printed copies produced are then evaluated by Fogra and the responsible association of Print and Media Industry Germany. Both institutions support each other as certifiers and co-certifiers. This dual control principle ensures a reliable certification result.

The presence of a Fogra employee is not provided for the intermediate test. Instead, the print shops will send some printed copies to Fogra for evaluation.

Step by step to PSO certification

Please take a few minutes, fill in the questionnaire and send it to Fogra. It will serve as a preliminary check for us in order to determine the next steps. At the same time it is a check for you of the procedures and process components that will be queried during the test. As soon as we have received the questionnaire, a member of staff will contact you.


Our offer

Main examination

Sheet-fed or web:

  • Up to 20 employees: € 2,235 (Fogra member) | € 4,365 (regular)
  • More than 20 employees: € 3,045 (Fogra member) | € 4,365 (regular)

Sheet-fed and web: € 5,330 (Fogra member) | € 7,615 (regular)

Prepress only (without CTP): € 2,030 (Fogra member) | € 2,895 (regular)

Intermediate test

Sheet-fed or web: € 500 (Fogra member) | € 700 (regular)

Sheet-fed and web: € 1,000 (Fogra member) | € 1,400 (regular)

Prepress only (without CTP): € 150 (Fogra member) | € 200 (regular)

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