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Contract Proof Creation (CPC)

This certification is aimed at proof and print service providers and serves as proof of their professional qualification to produce a color-accurate proof in accordance with ISO 12647-7.

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Your benefit

The test procedure according to ISO 12647-7 is the crux of quality control:

  • The visual reference with colour fidelity for both print service providers and print buyers

  • Proof of flawless data preparation

  • Reference in case of dispute

ISO 12647-7 specifies criteria for the certification of proofing systems and proof creation. The standard also contains requirements for proof substrates. CPC certification is based on the target values and tolerances specified in the current standard. The certification comes with a certificate and a FograCert logo in addition to the technical test report, which shows conformity with ISO 12647-7. Certification details are listed in our FograCert database.

  • Feedback of results within a short time: approx. 1 week

  • Validity of the certification: 1 year

  • Individual FograCert logo: Show your high quality standard!

Donatela Saric

Prepress Technology

+49 89 431 82 - 311

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Please contact me without hesitation! I would be glad to offer support.

What you need to do

You would like to have your company certified according to CPC or renew an existing certification?

We need from you

  1. The filled out order sheet for each printing combination by email to fogracert_prepress

  2. Printout of the Evaluation Test Form A


  • Please take into account the drying time specified by the system supplier during calibration and validation (opt.).
  • Please attach the Fogra MediaWedge V3.0 and the complete status bar. For the gloss measurement an edge area (minimum width: 4 cm) of the unprinted substrate is required.

Please send the prints to:

Fogra Forschungsinstitut für Medientechnologien e.V.
Department Prepress Technology

Einsteinring 1a
85609 Aschheim b. Munich


Shipping from a non-EU country? Please read customs information.

The following information shall be provided as a humanreadable commentary line: 

  • Conformance level (“Digital proof according to ISO 12647-7:2016”)

  • File name

  • Digital proofing system designation

  • Substrate material type

  • Printing condition simulated

  • Time and date of production

  • Measurement condition: M0, M1, or M2

Our procedure

Your submitted test print will be examined and certified according to the current standard according to the following criteria:

  • Gloss, coloration and fluorescence of the substrate

  • Colour accuracy of the Fogra-MediaWedge CMYK V3

  • Colour accuracy, colour gamut and gray balance of the ISO 12642-2 test chart

  • Uniformity

  • Tone value reproduction limits/gradients

  • Image register and resolving power

  • Margin information

In case of a successful certification we issue a certificate and list your company in our FograCert database.

Optionally, an evaluation of spot colours is also possible. To do this, please either fill out the corresponding fields in the accompanying sheet or send us CxF/X-4 data for an extended evaluation.

Our offer

FograCert Contract Proof Creation according to ISO 12647-7

For each printing condition:
€ 273.00 (Fogra member) | € 390.00 (regular)

Any further printing condition or remeasurement with simultaneous submission:
€ 168.00 (Fogra member) | € 240.00 (regular)

Including spot colours (up to 3)
+ € 38.50 (Fogra member) | + € 55.00 (regular)

I would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding offer for your CPC certification:

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