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This Fogra library bundles colour knowledge on a wide range of topics. Please do not expect documents in the sense of ”official“ publications, but pure and straight-forward expert know-how: descriptions of technical basics as well as explanations of colourimetric correlations.

Fogra Extra: colour management & digital printing

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Extra 7 How much resolution? 2007 04.02.2021 pdf 704 KB Download
Extra 10 Does your printer have the necessary tools to ensure optimal printing? 2013 04.02.2021 pdf 2 MB Download
Extra 13 CtP RIP tone value corrections foundation for PSO conformity 2009 05.02.2021 pdf 404 KB Download
Extra 16 How about the colour reference in digital printing? 2008 02.12.2020 pdf 323 KB Download
Extra 18 Why the printing industry is not using D65 2009 05.02.2021 pdf 339 KB Download
Extra 19 Guidelines for the acceptance test of printing machines using corrugated board 2009 05.02.2021 pdf 737 KB Download
Extra 22 Basics of print data separation 2013 05.02.2021 pdf 361 KB Download
Extra 23 Process Standard Offset Print (PSO) for Digital Printing 2013 05.02.2021 pdf 219 KB Download
Extra 24 hi-fi colourmatching with LED lighting? 2015 05.02.2021 pdf 2 MB Download
Extra 25 Fogra PSD - ProzessStandard Digital 2011 05.02.2021 pdf 452 KB Download
Extra 28 Normlight according to ISO 3664:2009 2012 05.02.2021 pdf 277 KB Download
Extra 29 Possibilities and limits of process control when using low-process plates 2012 05.02.2021 pdf 800 KB Download
Extra 30 The main modifications of ISO 12647-2 2013 05.02.2021 pdf 2 MB Download
EXtra 31 Fogra Cert, Print Check Digital/LFP 2014 05.02.2021 pdf 2 MB Download
Extra 34 FograCert Certification for your offset process 2016 26.06.2023 pdf 858 KB Download
Extra 35 Mass customization in the Printing Industry Learning from the Automobile Industry 2017 26.06.2023 pdf 782 KB Download
Extra 36 Update of ISO 12647-7:2016 2017 05.02.2021 pdf 1 MB Download
Extra 37 Offset inks Revision of the ISO 2846-1 ink standard 2017 20.06.2023 pdf 1 MB Download
Extra 40 New methodology for determining the chemical composition of individual layers in sandwiches of plastics 2020 20.06.2023 pdf 2 MB Download
Extra 42 Investigation of colour transformation for substrates with different amounts of optical brightening agents (OBA) 2021 20.12.2021 pdf 1 MB Download

Snippets: colour management & digital printing

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
What is ΔCh? Explaining ΔCh (chroma hue difference) 2010 02.12.2020 pdf 175 KB Download
What are quantiles? Explaining quantiles & percentiles 2010 02.12.2020 pdf 178 KB Download
Conformance check with hand-held measuring devices Usability of hand-held devices for ISO 3664 conformance checks 2010 02.12.2020 pdf 31 KB Download
White or self-backing? Explaining the difference between white, black and self-backing 2010 02.12.2020 pdf 42 KB Download
What is colorimetrical tone value increase? Explanations about colorimetrical tone value increase (“col. TVI”) 2010 02.12.2020 pdf 236 KB Download
ISO 13655 - Investigations with black backing Analysis to ISO 13655 conforming black backing 2011 02.12.2020 pdf 265 KB Download
Device- or Simulation-Mode Explaining the difference between “Device Mode” and “Simulation Mode” on digital printing machines 2011 02.12.2020 pdf 32 KB Download
The measurement modes: M0, M1, M2 and M3 4 measurement modes defined in ISO13655 2012 02.12.2020 pdf 88 KB Download
DIN-NB, Status E, T or I? Explanations about ISO-5 conforming density measurement 2013 07.12.2020 pdf 27 KB Download
Conformance to ISO 3664 Conformance measurements according to ISO 3664 2015 02.12.2020 pdf 43 KB Download
Production run fluctuations due to colour measurements Taga Paper from 1994 by Friedrich KI. Dolezalek 1994 05.02.2021 pdf 279 KB Download
A critical review on G7® methodology In this review it will be shown that for some CMYK-based digital printing presses, focussing on electrophotography and inkjet, G7®-methodology isn’t holding up to the marketing promises. It results in more work and needs more patches than state of the art per channel based approaches 21.10.2021 pdf 1 MB Download
Evaluation of Graininess based on digital printing Summary of evaluations aiming for the evaluation of the perception of graininess 02.12.2021 pdf 444 KB Download
Graininess Evaluation 2022 Abridged evaluation of graininess experiment conducted at Fogra Colour Management Symposium 2022 19.04.2023 pdf 3 MB Download

Software & Tools

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeDownload
3D-PointWork Windows programm to evaluate the geoemetric differences between two 3D data modesl. Result from the research project 11.002. 15.03.2021 zip Download
RGB Checker Profile ICC Monitor-Profile (RGB), that strongly changes colours to identify if a software is honoring tagged ICC profiles. 22.07.2021 icc Download
CMYK Checker Profile ICC Printer-Profile (CMYK), that strongly alters colours to identify if a software is honoring attached ICC profiles. 22.07.2021 icc Download