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Champions League Colour Management in commercial, packaging and industrial printing

Press releases 05/20/2022

Fogra invites you to the leading international colour management event in Munich from 6 to 7 July 2022 for the 8th time. It is all about exchanging experiences and networking and attracts participants from Europe, America and Asia.

At CMS 2022, everything revolves around the successful communication and reproduction of colour in modern workflows.
It starts with the expectations of colour-critical customers, such as cleaning equipment manufacturer Kärcher. In the following sessions, users will report on state-of-the-art projects in the fields of workflow, multicolor printing, high-speed inkjet printing, proofing and digital textile printing.
The already established future session of the symposium will feature a completely new format: The "colour pundit" Jan Morovic will interview the audience.
The organizers of the Colour Management Symposium 2022 promise the state of the art, 100 % manufacturer-neutral and without any advertising.
At the social event on the evening of the first day of the symposium, keynote speaker Dimitris Mylonas from Northeastern University, UK will demonstrate how the environment influences the naming of colours.
Numerous products and innovations will be on display in the exhibition accompanying the symposium. Here, manufacturers will have the opportunity to answer users' questions.

For those interested who cannot travel to the symposium, Fogra also offers participation via live stream and interaction platform.

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About Fogra, the research institute for media technologies
Fogra conducts application-focused research in the fields of printing and media technologies. In many cases, Fogra has been involved in the development of many forward-looking and globally acknowledged process and quality inspection standards. The international membership is made up of companies from across the entire spectrum of the industry, from producers of printed and electronic media to equipment manufacturers. Fogra sees itself as a modern service provider that carries out inspections tailored to the industry’s needs, that advises companies on questions of quality, and that mediates in technical disputes. Fogra’s capital consists of a massive body of knowledge combined with a high degree of technological expertise and a detailed understanding of current developments.

Ad for the Fogra Colour Management Symposium 2024

The leading international event for colour management, the Fogra Colour Management Symposium, will take place in Munich on 6-7 July 2022. In addition, Fogra also offers online participation.