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Fogra innovation: First media wedge for textile printing

Medienvorstufe Digitaldruck Press releases 09/29/2022

In August 2022, the research project on colour standardisation in digital textile printing was completed. Within this framework, not only a new Fogra media wedge but also an RGB-based working colour space and a test method for textile printing practice were developed.

The Fogra research team led by Dr Andreas Kraushaar completed their "Improving textile colour communication" project in August. New tools were developed and practically tested to optimise colour communication. These include an RGB-based working colour space called "FOGRA58 Textile RGB". This makes it possible to implement customer colours using the colour description in D65/10° apparel textile printing - for the first time in D50-centred ICC colour management. Furthermore, the Fogra MediaWedge Textile RGB V1 was developed: With this, an already established and internationally recognised quality assurance according to PSD (ISO/TS 15311) can be implemented for all output devices controlled with RGB. Last but not least, a test method was developed for practical use. This can be used to determine whether an existing textile can be meaningful - i.e. visually plausibly - profiled with the present colour measuring device.

You can find out more about the research project and the media wedge on the project website Improving textile colour communication.

MediaWedge for texitile