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Improving textile colour communication 

Short name: TextileRGB

Fogra no. 13.006
Project leader: B. Oberhollenzer
Funding: BMWK (IGF) via AiF

Timescale: 1.9.2020 - 31.8.2022

Objective and relevance

Digital textile printing currently covers various market segments, which differ mainly in the application, the selection of natural or synthetic textiles and the matching inkjet dye classes.

The colour communication workflow in digital textile production is facing major challenges. This starts with the selection of a suitable RGB exchange colour space.

The creation of the designs from typical Adobe programs results in digital assets, which are usually created in sRGB or AdobeRGB colour space. They are much too large compared to typical textile sample fans or common digital printing colour gamuts. This leads to time and cost-intensive, mostly iterative colour adjustments for the predominantly small and medium-sized print service providers.

Berthold Oberhollenzer

Prepress Technology

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Solution steps

The first focus is a systematic and metrological recording of the colour appearance, i.e. the colour as well as the surface or fibre structure of typical print samples. The determined appearance properties are to be examined with regard to their compatibility with established 3-channel workflows. A spectral workflow based on the new iccMAX specification including the possible spectral characterization will be developed, implemented and tested.

The second focus is the development of a RGB working color space for digital textile printing.

The third focus of this project is the production of proofs for paper and textile proofs. In summary, a standardization concept is to be designed, which will lead to a new ISO standard (ISO 15311-4) and a separate chapter in the freely available ProcessStandard Digital (PSD).

Targeted results

In this project, the following objectives are to be achieved according to the three focal points:

A suitable RGB working colour space for digital textile printing is to be developed; a continuous spectral workflow based on the new iccMAX standard is to be developed, implemented and tested.

In summary, a standardization concept is to be designed, which on the one hand leads to a new ISO standard and on the other hand to a separate chapter in the ProcessStandard Digital (PSD). Among other things, it is to include the specifications for the production of proofs for “paper proofs” and “textile proofs”.

Publications and intermediate results

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Fogra Extra 42 Investigation of colour transformation for substrates with different amounts of optical brightening agents (OBA) 2021 02.12.2021 pdf 1 MB Download
TextileRGB - FOGRA58 (Beta) ICC Profile TextileRGB Workspace Beta 1 24.02.2020 icc 3 MB Download
TextileRGB - FOGRA58 (Beta) Char. Data Characterization data (D65/10°) - Basis for TextileRGB_FOGRA58(beta1).icc Beta 1 26.08.2020 txt 30 KB Download
Improving textile colour communication Presentation at the ICC GASIC Meeting, 2020-10-21 V1.0 21.10.2020 pdf 4 MB Download
Colour management for digital textile printing Recording of Fogra Colour Management Café 24 EN 04.11.2020 youtube 11 B Download
Digital Textile Working Space Profile Presentation from Joe Tschudi at the Fogra Color Managment Symposium, 2020-03-12 EN 15.01.2021 pdf 2 MB Download

Testform colour reproduction (FOGRA58)

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
ISO12647_7_8_Evaluation_RGB_V5.pdf 17.09.2021 pdf 4 MB Download

Testforms char. (CMYK, ECG)

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload 3 08.07.2021 zip 1 MB Download
Universal LFP Testform Die Testform fasst auf 12 Seiten alle 1617 Tonwertkombinationen der IT.8/7-.4 auf. Die großen Felder ermöglichen eine fehlerfreie Messung grober Raster, was insbesondere im Großformatdruck relevant ist. V1.0 25.08.2015 pdf 1 MB Download

Fogra MediaWedge TextileRGB V3

TitleVersionDateFile typeDownload
Fogra MediaWedge TextileRGB V3 V.03 08.11.2021 zip Download
Evaluation Excel spreadsheet for TextileRGB 2022 V1 06.05.2022 xlsm Download

Photoshop colormanagement settings - textile

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Photoshop Settings Textile Beta Version - recommended settings for textile printing (FOGRA58), Adobe Photoshop 27.04.2021 csf 2 MB Download

Meeting documents

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Fogra_Agenda_PA_Texitle_DE_EN.pdf Agenda & Link for online participation 05.05.2022 pdf 57 KB Download
Fogra_Handout_PA_Texitle_EN.pdf Presentation handout from PA meeting on May 5. 2022 05.05.2022 pdf 5 MB Download
Minutes PA Meeting Minutes of the Project Advisory Meeting 2022-05-05 1.0 05.05.2022 pdf 308 KB Download
Recording of PA Meeting 2022-05-05 Recording of PA Meeting 10.05.2022 youtube 11 B Download