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New AiF Managing Director visits Fogra

Press releases 08/30/2022

Professor Dr Klein visited the AiF founding member Fogra on Thursday, 25 August 2022, as the new Managing Director of the Federation of Industrial Research Associations.

At the end of August, Prof. Dr Michael Klein spoke with the Institute's Executive Director Dr Eduard Neufeld about current topics and the orientation of the association. As the new Managing Director of the AiF Federation of Industrial Research Associations "Otto von Guericke" e. V., he succeeds Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kathöfer. Kathöfer retires in November. His initial visit is not only to Fogra as a founding member but also to Dr Neufeld as spokesman of the AiF Regional Circle South and as a regular participant in the AiF Executive Committee meetings. The discussions focused primarily on the strategic positioning of the AiF and the transfer of scientific research results for entrepreneurial practice.

In 1954, Fogra founded the AiF together with 16 other industry-oriented research associations. The objective was, to bring together business, science and the state to enable efficient research funding. The two institutions have been closely linked since the 1950s.

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Dr Neufeld and Prof. Klein in discussion

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AiF Managing Director Prof. Klein and Dr Neufeld, Executive Director, in a 3D-Scan