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Finger Wipe Test Device FIWI

Item number FIWI-R

The Finger Wipe Test Device FIWI serves for assessing the rub resistance of the ink layer. With this device the dirtying of products by hands or fingers can be simulated, especially the influence of grease and sweat.

A 1 cm² rubber pad is fitted to the under side of the device. To carry out a test, the rubber surface is completely cleaned of grease and then a grease or sweat solution is applied. In order to test a printed sample, the desired force to be applied is set in advance and the device with the rubber pad is placed on the ink or varnish layer and twisted through 90°. The rubbed off material that can be detected on the rubber surface gives an indication of the rub resistance of the ink layer. The ink traces can then be transferred to a neutral sheet of paper and the colour density on this paper can then be measured by a colour measuring device.

Weight: 350 g
Height: 8 cm
Diameter: max. 5 cm
Spring force: 30 N - 80 N

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