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Test Equipment

Our Fogra test equipment ensures quality control in printing and print finishing pratice.

Exclusive rates for Fogra members are available after registration.

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Felt Pads for ACET

High-quality Felt Pads made for the Fogra ACET Acetone Test Device.

Set: 100 pieces


Item number: FPAC-100R


99.00 EUR

Testing foils for plasticizer resistance

Plasticizer film for tests according to Gematik (eGK; electronic health card), ISO/IEC 24789:…

Item number: SA-WF


138.00 EUR

Solvent test device ACET

Fogra test device for determing the resistance of UV cureable layers to solvents.

Exclusive rates…

Item number: SA-AC


1,297.00 EUR

Varnish Adhesion Test Device LHT

The Varnish Adhesion Test Device LHT quickly and easily predicts if a coating layer has sufficient…

Item number: LHT-R


5,775.00 EUR

Wipe & Carbonating Test Device WIKAT

The Wipe & Carbonating Test Device WIKAT simulates the pressures that prints are exposed to during…

Item number: WIKA-R


1,307.00 EUR