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Test Equipment

Our Fogra test equipment ensures quality control in printing and print finishing practice.

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Perforation Measurement Device

The Fogra Perforation Measurement Device is a portable test device for the measurement of the…

Item number: PERFO-M

Price 0.00 EUR

Felt Pads for ACET

High-quality Felt Pads made for the Fogra ACET Acetone Test Device.

Set: 100 pieces


Item number: FPAC-100R

Regular price 114.40 EUR
Member price 80.00 EUR

Testing foils for plasticizer resistance

Plasticizer film for tests according to Gematik (eGK; electronic health card), ISO/IEC 24789:…

Item number: SA-WF

Regular price 144.00 EUR
Member price 100.80 EUR

Finger Wipe Test Device FIWI

The Finger Wipe Test Device FIWI serves for assessing the rub resistance of the ink layer. With this…

Item number: FIWI-R

Regular price 1,510.00 EUR
Member price 1,057.00 EUR

Varnish Adhesion Test Device LHT

The Varnish Adhesion Test Device LHT quickly and easily predicts if a coating layer has sufficient…

Item number: LHT-R

Price 0.00 EUR

Wipe & Carbonating Test Device WIKAT

The Wipe & Carbonating Test Device WIKAT simulates the pressures that prints are exposed to during…

Item number: WIKA-R

Price 0.00 EUR

Solvent test device ACET

Fogra test device for determing the resistance of UV cureable layers to solvents.

Price on request.…

Item number: SA-AC

Price 0.00 EUR