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Fogra Web Academy | Company flat rate

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Up to the minute training that is totally focused on industry practice. The weekly one-hour online training courses focus on either the Fundamentals of printing and media technology or a Special industry topic. Dialogue is a particular feature of these English language courses.

Flat rate for companies:

The Fogra Web Academy online training courses are offered from September up to including May. The price for companies depends on their size. For those with up to 100 employees, the regular price is €588 (Fogra members) or €840 (non-members). This allows any number of a company’s employees to take part in all Fogra Web Academy sessions.

Attendance at the Fogra Web Academy is automatically extended, but may be terminated by giving 3 months' notice by 31 May of the respective year. Notice of termination must be made in writing to Fogra.

Please enter the discount codes under "Specific requiremtents". You will receive the discount subsequently.

Exclusive rates for Fogra members are available after registration.

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Regular price 840.00 EUR
Member price 588.00 EUR