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MediaWedge Multicolor

Item number MMV1-R

Contract proofing and controllable processes in digital or conventional multi-colour printing?

No problem! Our Fogra MediaWedge Multicolor (Version 1.0) is the ideal tool for checking and verifying the colour of any 5C, 6C, 7C or 8C printed product.

To cover all typical multicolour combinations, the MediaWedge is available in four versions: 5C, 6C, 7C and 8C. It comes in two 3 row (5C and 6C) and two 4 row (7C and 8C) variants with 26 patches per row. This makes 78 patches for the 5C and 6C version and 104 patches for the 7C and 8C versions.

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As standard we use your company name as licence name. Please indicate if you wish a different licence name when ordering (comment field).

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