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Perforation Measurement Device

Item number PERFO-M

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The Fogra Perforation Measurement Device is a portable test device for the measurement of the tensile strength of perforated and unperforated paper samples.

This device helps

  • to determine the tensile strength of the perforations of continuous stationery
  • to determine the tensile strength of papers
  • to measure the paper stretch

A special cutting template can be used for the preparation of the paper samples. The samples are clamped by a clamp strip that produces a constant clamping force by means of an integrated spring system. The perforation measurement device is manually operated by means of a hand wheel. By turning this wheel the sample is stretched and torn. The tearing force can be read off a dial and the tensile strength is calculated by dividing the tearing force by the width of the sample. The relationship between load and stretch relationship of the sample can be determined by means of a second [optional] dial.

Weight: 7,5 kg
Height: 18 cm
Width: 15 cm
Length: 27 cm
Measurable range of forces: up to 200 N

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