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Printing press testing

We have great experience in testing newly installed and used printing machines, which is carried out within the scope of private and court expertises. Our certified experts are also there for you in case of damage and find reasons and solutions for the problems that have occurred. Fogra specialises mainly in sheet-fed and web offset printing machines and sheet-fed metal and special printing machines (e.g. packaging printing).

Benefit from our Remote Printing Press Testing!

We also offer printing press testing with the online procedure while maintaining the usual quality standards and support you securely and flexibly through the entire process:


  • Setup of the communication platform

  • Process planning and creation of the test regime on an individual basis

  • Live support during the test

  • Analysis of intermediate results in real-time

  • Final evaluation of the sent print copies in the Fogra laboratory

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“The Remote Printing Press Testing went smoothly. Thanks to a precise description in the Prenote Report and the additional timetable, the requirements and process were transparent for all parties involved. The technology required for the live broadcast was already installed the day before, so communication during the tests was easy. I can only recommend Fogra's remote concept.”

Stefan Furgoll
Teamleader Contract & Acceptance | Manroland Sheetfed GmbH

"The Fogra printing press testing gives us the certainty that the press will have the same printing characteristics as when it was commissioned until the end of the warranty period. We guarantee our customers a constant and high print quality. This is only possible if our presses function perfectly - which is why constant monitoring of the press condition is a top priority for us."

Thomas Stock
Managing Director | Pano Verschluss GmbH

Your benefit

We are your independent partner for printing machine testing. In this respect, we provide you with competent and reliable consulting. Our metrologically based testing and evaluation methods are accepted worldwide. You will receive a detailed Fogra test report as documentation of the machine's condition.

With us, you receive support for print machine testing:

  • the preparation, planning and carrying out for machine testing,

  • the preparation of the specification sheet of the machine testing,

  • decision support for new investments.

If there are differences of opinion about the print quality of the printing machine, we take on the role of a referee. You can rely on our neutral assessment as an independent institute and recognized mediator between printing machine manufacturers and printing shops.

If an out-of-court agreement between the parties involved is not possible, Fogra's expert opinions are highly accepted in court.

Florian Betzler

Prepress Technology

+49 89 431 82 - 253

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Your contact

I am a publicly certified and sworn expert for printing machines (sheet-fed and web offset printing machines) of the IHK München/Oberbayern. I would be pleased to consult you in all questions concerning the testing of printing and special machines.



What you need to do

Would you like to have a printing machine testing carried out? We make it as easy as possible for you! Contact us without obligation and tell us what you need our help for:

  • Machine acceptance testing according to approved guidelines or individually agreed testing regimes

  • Printing and mechanical condition analysis of used printing machines

  • Assessment of machine damage (documentation of damage)

  • Expert opinion for the insurance of the printing machine

  • Testing after maintenance (repair)

  • Analysis of machine-related printing faults

  • Inking and dampening unit testing by using the Fogra dampening control test forme

  • Printing machine checkup

Our procedure

After you contact us, we will define the basic requirements with you, discuss the details of the printing machine test and plan the scope of the examination. After receipt of your order, you will receive an order confirmation, in which all details regarding the test period, contact person and price are summarized.

In the preparation phase, we draw up a detailed test plan and the test forms according to your printing machine configuration. Before the printing test, we check the print-relevant machine settings and printing conditions. Then we will arrange an appointment with you for the test, which will be carried out at your site by a Fogra expert (approx. 1-2 days).

Unless otherwise agreed, the printing machine testing is carried out by the specifications of the Technical Guidelines of the bvdm (sheet-fed and web offset printing machines), representing state of the art and the requirements standard in the industry. If the testing of a printing machine is planned for which there are no guidelines (special printing machine), an individual testing regime designed for this type of machine shall be agreed upon. In this case, the test contents will be agreed upon between the contractual partners and documented in a separate specification sheet.

During the audit, we document all steps. As a special service, we evaluate the test series directly so that you receive the results immediately, and our Fogra expert can provide you with advice. The results are finally recorded in a Fogra expert opinion.

Two expert opinion categories: A and B

Category A defines a printing press test by established rules and regulations, specifically the technical guidelines of the bvdm. Category B comprises an individually agreed printing press test or a test regime in the sense of a condition analysis with freely definable methods, procedures and tolerances.

Fogra certified expert for printing machines

For a stable printing process

The Fogra damping control test forme enables printers, application engineers and instructors of machine manufacturers to efficiently analyze the following parameters

  • the correct settings on the inking and dampening units,

  • the condition of the ink and dampening form rollers,

  • the interaction of the process parameters (ink/plate and dampening solution).

The test form is also used in the pre-testing phase of a press acceptance test to analyze the inking and dampening unit settings.


Fogra offers training in the use of the Fogra damping control test forme and analysis of the error patterns - either in the institute's pressroom or at your premises.

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Our offer

The price for a printing machine testing depends on the task at hand. I would be pleased to make you a non-binding offer according to the printing machine type, printing machine configuration and the scope of testing:

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