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New FograCert: Machine sign-off audit verification

If your press gets tested (by the manufacturer or another party), a neutral expert from Fogra joins the process and audits the onsite tests. Combine both benefits with the new Fogra service.

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When installing a new or used press, it is standard practice to carry out a machine sign-off. This is based on established rules, in particular, the bvdm technical guidelines. Machine testing is often done by the manufacturer (first-party testing) or the buyer, usually the print service provider (second-party testing). In critical or challenging cases, such as litigation or claims, an independent arbiter, such as Fogra, is involved (third-party certification).

Fogra's new service includes support and qualification of the manufacturer's inspection by qualified Fogra experts. Specifically, the individual steps of the requirements specified in the technical regulations are checked on-site. In addition to this checklist, the correctness of the test carried out is confirmed in the manufacturer's test report by the Fogra expert's signature.

Andreas Kraushaar

Prepress Technology

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New FograCert machine acceptance audit verification: € 1,400.00 (Fogra member) | € 2,000.00 (regular)

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