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Laboratory measurements

For small and medium-sized companies, the question often arises as to how they can carry out high-quality measurements in-house. The acquisition costs and also the ongoing expenses are aggravating factors. Here we can help – we form your “extended workbench”!


Your benefit

You no longer have to worry about calibration, standard climate and laboratory - we take care of it for you! Simply select the desired measurement(s) and you are ready to go. We can also carry out special measurements or adapted inline measurements for you in a short time, thanks to our own workshop with 3D design.

A selection of our laboratory measurements:


  • Sheet tear strength (pull test),

  • Adhesive application, e.g. layer thickness, adhesive inlets,

  • Dimensional accuracy, e.g. cutting, folding, type area deviations,

  • Flatness, e.g. waviness in the book block, flatness of the book cover,

  • Impact behaviour (layflat vs. clamping effect),

  • chemical analyses, e.g. mineral oil migration, grease through hot melts,

  • Climate tests, e.g. cold fracture resistance and heat resistance of bonds,

  • Microscopic images,

  • Roughness measurements,

  • Material tests tension and compression according to different standards,

  • Heat sealing tests on blister packs and flexible packaging,

  • Determination of the creasing range according to DIN 55437,

  • Test of film adhesion according to DIN EN ISO 8510-1 and ISO 8510-2,

  • Testing of ink adhesion with Fogra-LHT,

  • Testing the bonding strength,

  • Adhesion to glass or steel (90° and 180° peel angle),

  • Release force, slow/fast,

  • Shear strength static/dynamic,

  • Adhesive or silicone application weight,

  • Resistance to low or high temperatures,

  • Resistance to UV radiation,

  • Resistance to chemicals,

  • Punching accuracy,

  • Dimensional accuracy,

  • Lightfastness according to ISO 12040.

Florian Hirschhalmer

Security Applications with Print finishing

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I am a specialist for measuring tasks in the wide field of packaging and print finishing and will be happy to assist you with advice. I look forward to hearing from you!

What you need to do

Do you want to set up, improve, expand or outsource your production-accompanying measurements, do you need a quality overview of your products or does your customer require proof of normative measurement procedures? We make it as easy as possible for you!

Send us your samples, sketches or measuring tasks. It is even faster if you simply call us without obligation.

Please send your samples to: 

Fogra Forschungsinstitut für Medientechnologien e.V.
Abteilung Sicherheitsanwendungen
Einsteinring 1a
85609 Aschheim b. München

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Our procedure

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After receipt of the sample at Fogra, we coordinate the exact measuring tasks with you. You will receive an order confirmation in which all details of the test period, contact person and price are listed. Invoicing usually takes place monthly, if desired also order-related.

We carry out all laboratory tests promptly and according to standardised test specifications and our high quality standards. After completion of the test, we summarize the results in a measurement protocol with fogra signature.

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I would be pleased to provide you a non-binding offer for your laboratory measurement(s):

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