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Testing of packagings

We offer various tests of folding boxes, blister packs and flexible packaging. We examine, for example, the adhesion of composites, inks or varnishes and the heat-sealability, embossing or creasing of your material. As a testing laboratory, we successfully take part in annual round robin tests according to ISO 527-3 (plastics - determination of tensile properties – Part 3: Test conditions for films and sheets).


Your benefit

A complaint caused by insufficient quality is often associated with high costs, since the problem is usually first noticed by the end customer. With a manageable amount of effort, it is possible to test materials for their suitability in advance of production. Furthermore, in case of a complaint it can be determined whether the cause has a material or production-related background.

A selection of our tests: 

  • Material tests tension and compression according to different standards

  • Heat sealing tests on blister packs and flexible packaging

  • Determination of the creaseability range according to DIN 55437

  • Film adhesion after DIN EN ISO 8510-1 and ISO 8510-2

  • Paint adhesion with Fogra-LHT

  • Adhesive strength

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What you need to do

For example, you manufacture blister cards for blister packs. You have carried out a print test by varying the types of cardboard and coating and would like to have the produced blister cards tested for their heat-sealing properties. Depending on the weight and volume of the contents, the packaging must have sufficient sealing strength. This is controlled by the splitting strength of the carton and the adhesive strength of the sealing seam. Sealing lacquers can also vary greatly in their ability to be activated during heat sealing, which can lead to defects in the sealing seam.

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Our procedure

You provide us with the various blister cards and blister foils and we work out a test program. This includes heat sealing tests under variation of sealing temperature, pressure and time based on real production conditions. The removal of the blister foil from the blister card (separation test) can be done manually or by measurement. The cleavage plane and, if necessary, the separating force are recorded. You are also welcome to accompany the tests on site.


Laboratory measurement on packaging

Our Offer

Testing of a material combination (blister card, foil) with 2 sealing temperatures, pressures and times (6 variations) in 3-times determination (18 tests):

227.14 € (Fogra-Member) | € 283.93 (normal)

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