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Microscope image of an underpackaging paper

Underpackaging paper

Underpacking paper requires a high level of homogeneous production. The certification proves that the corresponding quality criteria are met.

Your benefit

On the product itself you can indicate the certification in the form of a FograCert logo.

With the certification of your underpacking paper, you show your customers that the product is a tested quality that can be optimally used in the printing process.

Dr Philipp Stolper

Head of Materials & Environment

+49 89 431 82 - 354

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Your contact

I would be pleased to advise you in all questions concerning the certification of underpacking papers and to make you an individual offer.

What you need to do

You would like to have your underpacking papers certified (validity: 5 years) or renew an existing certification?

We need from you

  • a written order to carry out the certification,

  • 12 underpacking papers each from three different batches. In case of different thicknesses, it is necessary to examine each thickness variant. 

Our procedure

After receipt of the order by Fogra you will receive an order confirmation which contains all details of the test period, contact person and price. The processing time for certification is approx. 6 to 8 weeks.

The following material tests are carried out:

  • Thickness

  • Evaluation of the cross sections

  • Absorbency against various liquids

  • Static and sliding friction

  • Risk of corrosion

In case of a successful certification, we issue a certificate, and you will receive a FograCert logo.

material test static and sliding friction

Our offer

Extract from the price liste:

Approval of one underpackaging paper :
€ 2,210.78 (Fogra member) | € 3,158.26 (regular)

I would be pleased to provide you a non-binding offer for the certification of your underpacking papers:

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