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Approval of washing agents

In accordance with the “Industry Initiative for the Reduction of Solvent Emissions in Offset Printing”, a large number of compatibility tests (e.g. with elastomeric materials) are carried out and the risk of corrosion is assessed. The approval and thus the certification of the washing agents is done by the respective printing press and washing system manufacturers.

Certified washing agents and approval lists

Your benefit

Approved products are entered and published both in the manufacturers' databases and in the FograCert database. On the product itself you can indicate the approval in the form of a FograCert logo.

All washing agents recommended for new printing presses must at least have successfully passed the technical approval test at Fogra. This technical approval test is the prerequisite for warranty claims during the warranty period in the event of possible press damage.

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You need help with the approval procedure for your washing agent or would like to have preliminary tests carried out?

I would be pleased to advise you on all questions concerning the approval procedure and to make you an individual offer.

What you need to do

You would like to have your washing agent certified (validity: 5 years for Sheetfed and 10 years for web offset) or renew an existing certification?

We need from you

  • a written order to perform the approval test (complete or repeat test),

  • the Safety Data Sheet (SDS),

  • the confirmation of the BG ETEM,

  • the washing agent: The amount depends on the typ of press as well as on the press manufacturers (ca. 5 to 12 liters).

It is also recommended to contact the respective printing press or washing system manufacturer. Some manufacturers also test the washing agent's cleaning effect in a practical test or demand safety-related parameters such as the lower explosion limit or the response factor with regard to propane.

washing agents residue

Relevant information for the certification of your washing agents:

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeDownload
General information General informationen of the procedure to approve your washing agent V23.2 26.05.2023 pdf Download
Weboffset Critical tests of the approval procedure for washing agents used in weboffset V17.1 13.04.2017 pdf Download
Sheetfed Critical tests of the approval procedure for washing agents used in sheetfed presses V17.1 13.04.2017 pdf Download
Method 24 Determination of the VOC (volatile organic compounds) V20.1 30.09.2020 pdf Download

Our procedure

After receipt of your order at Fogra you will receive an order confirmation from us, which contains all the details of the test period, contact person and price. The processing period for a approval test (complete or repeat test) is approximately 10 to 12 weeks.

The test criteria depend on the press manufacturers and are individually coordinated. As the press manufacturers cooperate in emission reduction activities, but there is a competitive situation in the sale of new printing presses, detailed information on the materials used for the tests cannot be provided.

After completion of the tests, Fogra sends all results in the form of a final report to the press manufacturer. On the basis of the test results, the manufacturer decides whether the product can be recommended for use on the press or washing system. In case of a successful certification the manufacturer authorises Fogra to issue the test certificate or to extend the release. Furthermore we list your washing agent in our FograCert database.

washing agents swelling
washing agents corrosion

Our offer

Extract from the price list:

Approval for a sheetfed press (UV / conventional):
€ 2,991.45 (Fogra member) | € 4,273.50 (regular)

Approval for web offset presses (Koenig & Bauer Digital & Web Solutions AG & Co. KG
and manroland Goss web systems GmbH):

€ 6,254.85 (Fogra member) | € 8,935.50 (regular)

Cleaning systems of Baldwin Germany GmbH (sheetfed and web offset):
€ 2,719.50 (Fogra member) | € 3,885.00 (regular)

I would be pleased to provide you a non-binding offer for your washing agent certification:

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Facts and figures

40 countries of origin of washing agent manufacturers

775 approved washing agents

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