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In order to expand the international circle of certified print shops, Fogra outside of Europe offers a cost-effective variant called PSObasic. This is based on the same target values and tolerances as the certification according to PSO (ISO 12647), but follows a reduced scope of testing. PSObasic thus serves as a stepping stone to obtaining the more comprehensive PSO certificate.

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Your benefit

With the PSObasic certification, which is valid for two years, you demonstrate your ability to produce in accordance with the quality requirements of the internationally recognised standard and to comply with the colour specifications of the client. You will receive a certificate and a digital seal of approval.

You can print the latter on letterheads and business cards, place it on your website or use it in your email signature. Furthermore, your company will be listed in the Fogra PSObasic database. There, quality-conscious clients can search specifically for certified companies.

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Head of Printing Techniques

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You want to communicate the quality of your print production independently and neutrally to the customer? Then contact me without obligation, I will be happy to advise you!

What you need to do

You get in contact with our international PSO partners. They will guide you through the certification process and provide the required test form. With the latter, some prints must be produced with a press of your choice on a paper of your choice. Optionally, a digital proof can also be created, which is shown separately in the certificate.

Our procedure

Fogra measures the solid tone colours, the tone value increases and the spread in the designated patches of the submitted print samples and checks whether the requirements of the PSO or ISO 12647 are fulfilled. Proofs supplied are evaluated for their colour conformance.

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Certification according to PSO (ISO 12647)


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